About Reagan

My name is Reagan Brittain and I appreciate your interest in my writing. I felt the inclination to begin writing as a way to express my opinions on the state of cultural, political, and economic environments around us. This will be a way for me to share my thoughts without burdening social media feeds or chatting the ear off of a friend.

My decision to begin writing is no doubt a byproduct of the ongoing pandemic. Like many others, I have been confronted with more time to myself and more time to reflect on important issues.

I am not likely an expert in fields that I discuss, simply expressing my views from my perspective. I feel like this is a time in our country that we need to talk more, not less. My goal is not to cram a viewpoint down your throat or be a shock jock. If these writings help to start productive conversation or at least provoke thought, that’s great. If it goes unread into the abyss of the internet, that’s ok too.

*Please note that my writing is independent of Lisa’s. I am producing this content on my own but she has allowed me access to her platform.

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