Watch. Weep. Whisper.

The Bride longing for her Bridegroom.

Watch. Lord, I watch for You.

I know You’re on the ready. Whenever Father nods Your way, You, as the eager Bridegroom, will not even hesitate. You are waiting, with great anticipation, to mount Your mighty white steed and retrieve Your Bride.

Even as I watch for You to come on that one grand and glorious day, I know You are watching. Waiting. Preparing. Loving.

Yet, I also know that a distant Bridegroom, burning with love and devotion, doesn’t wait silently for His Bride. He writes, and calls. He looks for an opportunity for FaceTime. His pure faithfulness desires communication.

And so I watch for You through Your letters, and through Your whispers. I look for You in my dreams, and in the secret place where You most often call for a FaceTime encounter.

A journal revelation.

Weep. Longing for a word, and Your presence sometimes culminates in weeping. Just knowing that there’s a space between us before eternity creates such a loneliness until I recognize You are with me by Your Spirit.

Other times, my eyes run over with sweet tears because Your word in song and worship breaks forth the reality that You have never left me without hope.

Whisper. I hear in my spirit, a whisper. You call quietly in the midst of noisy chaos. I recognize Your voice, my Beloved, distinguished from all other voices. And then I look up. I fix my eyes on Your presence, and it’s then that I remember that You see me.

I will continue to watch in anticipation of that day when You will take me Home. But until then I turn my eyes toward Your voice, weep at the goodness of your presence, and whisper my thankfulness that You see me.

Eyes on You,


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7 thoughts on “Watch. Weep. Whisper.

  1. ‘Place me like a seal upon your heart.’
    What does this mean, do you suppose,
    that you’ll play the Pinnipedal part
    with beach-ball balanced on your nose,
    sending your love all a-clapping
    right straight noisily to me,
    barking madly, flippers flapping
    in our new home by the sea?
    I know you do not ask a lot,
    perhaps tossed mackerel to catch,
    perhaps some rum, yes, just a tot
    and a promise not that Orca won’t snatch
    you when you take your morning swim
    (but can’t you use the lap pool at the gym?).

  2. What a beautiful portrait of our awaiting Bridegroom, Lisa, “I know that a distant Bridegroom, burning with love and devotion, doesn’t wait silently for His Bride.” This greatly encouraged me this morning, thank you!

    1. Thank you for spending some of your valuable time here with me. I’m so grateful to God that you have found encouragement here!🌸

  3. This is so beautiful, capturing all the passion and devotion of the bride and bridegroom. May the Lord find us watching and faithfully waiting when the great day comes at last! Visiting from FMF#5

    1. Oh thank you!!
      It was a moment in time when words just flowed through my fingers.
      Thank you. I’ll jump over to #12 to visit your writing. ~Lisa

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