Secret Place

As I watched this amazing move of love in my mind’s eye, I asked the Lord, “What do You want me to do with this vision?” His answer was the simple response of a loving Father to His little daughter, “Ask Me to do this in your land.” … More Secret Place

What happened 30 years ago today?

So, as the weekend approached in the middle of the month, there was a usual Friday night date night planned.  Co-workers wondered and giggled with delight.  This had to be IT!  He was taking her to the Bubble Room in Orlando.  This was THE place where engagements happened in 1987.  The ring would be in the Bubble Room cake brought out at the end of the meal.  And he would be on his knee while she tried to figure out how to wear a diamond covered in cake and icing??? … More What happened 30 years ago today?

Saturday Share: Randy Brittain, SunTanned Feet Man

Who is Randy Brittain? He is my husband of 29 years, best friend, and lifelong partner on our zig-zagging, adventurous journey with Jesus!  He’s also one of the most intelligent people I know, father of our two robust seeds and successful manager over our homestead.  He comes equipped with a generous heart, which he protects with … More Saturday Share: Randy Brittain, SunTanned Feet Man