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Welcome to my book page!

I never really planned to be an author. But if you put your life in the hands of Christ, you just never know what adventures might be in store.

My first book is a devotional study through the Old Testament book of Ruth. Dig in with me for 31 days of gleaning truth from the real lives of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. Together we will ask good questions and seek God’s answers for our own lives.

Click here to purchase 31 Days of Gleaning with Ruth by Lisa R. Brittain

My most recent book, Random Radiance, is a 21-day interactive experience. The book includes devotional passages to read, coloring pages, and blank lined pages including a writing prompt. The goal of Random Radiance is to experience the power of a random word to lead your thoughts to Jesus.

Click here to purchase Random Radiance.

Author, Lisa R. Brittain and Illustrator, Lisa Anne Tindal, collaborated on this book to combine stories with coloring pages, and blank lined pages with word prompts ready for you to write your own stories. You’ll enjoy this book for your personal quiet moments of reading and reflection. Or perhaps you’re at the end of a very busy day. Grab your coloring pencils, a cup of your favorite tea, and this book for some therapeutic downtime.

Consider gifting the hardcover book, Random Radiance, for all types of occasions. Christmas is right around the corner. Additionally, this is a unique gift for a birthday, shower, or anniversary. And if you are a member of a women’s Bible study or book club, this book might be a fun way to not only read together but write together. Buy one for yourself, and buy one for a friend.

Please be sure to visit the website of my friend, author, and artist, Lisa Anne Tindal. You’ll want to shop her paintings, 2024 calendars, ornaments, and books before Thanksgiving!

Lisa R. Brittain, Author
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Cover art by Lisa Anne Tindal
Coloring pages created by Lisa Anne Tindal
Beautiful artwork.
It’s your turn to write. Random Radiance.
Eyes on Jesus and Shine!

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