Seasons Blending: His presence

Continued from Seasons Blending Jesus, Good Shepherd, taught us everything about His character that we wouldn’t know except that He, in all His goodness, led us all the way through this past season, and into the sunshine of a new season. And how exactly did He do that? While I’m inadequate to fully understand God’s … Continue reading Seasons Blending: His presence

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“It took us about 30 minutes to adjust to the empty nest.”Randy Brittain Free Birds 2012 Some of you are gone. You’re clicking out because that one-liner just sounds harsh. However, a few of you want to know more. We, many times, but not always, find that the husbands are looking forward to an empty … Continue reading Page 6


Through the reading of God’s word and watching family grow, Through reading all the posts of you wise souls, faith writers in this online community of writers for Jesus. Through conversations with sisters on FaceTime and by Marco Polo, And through Bible study and fellowship with newly discovered sisters in my new home town, I … Continue reading Discovery