It’s Friday! And I’m addicted to one-word writing. I enjoy this Five Minute Friday community so much and hope you will be encouraged through this weekly challenge and the faith thoughts shared. ~~~~~ “Quick, come see!” It seems one of us is regularly calling to the other to stop what they’re doing and come see. … Continue reading Quick


I owe.I owe.So off to work I go… Have you ever heard that little ditty or muttered it as you ran out the door hoping for favor with green traffic lights all the way? In America, we have generations who have been weaned on plastic. I can remember the jolt of reality when my children … Continue reading Owe

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“Expect nothing. Appreciate everything!” Randy Brittain 2020. Yeah, I know. But some good things were mined from that dark and chaotic time in history. This quote printed on a coffee mug is one of them. We ventured out to do a little shopping amongst the masked and unmasked. It was a time when some of … Continue reading Page 5