Life is full of them, milestones, that is.

We want them.

We even need them. They help us know that we’re getting somewhere. Just like the mile markers on the highway or signposts on a hiking trail.

Milestones are God’s idea. Stone pillars and stone altars were erected by God’s people at various times and in many places, of which we can read throughout the Old Testament. God intended for these stone structures to become a place of remembrance for generations. He meant for children to walk past and ask their parents for an explanation, and in the process whole families would learn about and celebrate the goodness of God.

These markers in our lives whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or all of the above, tell us much about our journey. Milestones cause us to stop, look back, and see how far we’ve come. We regularly celebrate these markers as achievements in our culture, but not always with a focus on God.

Our hearts and our flesh tend to be deceitful. If we’re not on guard against the temptations of the flesh we can crave milestones, and we can become addicted to achieving as a way to feel loved, valued and accepted.

I know I can say I’ve experienced this temptation more than once in my life. Regretfully, on too many occasions, I’ve also given into the temptation to achieve milestones simply to boost my ego. It’s always a temporary high when I fail to acknowledge God and His goodness.

I’m out of time, and so I will close with a few questions to ponder.

Have you ever thought or said out loud, “I’ll be happy once I get to _______.”

What’s in the blank?

And what’s the root of thinking you’ll be happy once you have accomplished that milestone?

If you were able to create a visual map of your life/faith journey, what would it look like?

Would your journey look like an interstate with various exits both those passed by and those taken for detours?

Have you ever thought your journey might look like concentric circles as in a highway to the top of a mountain?

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,



I’ve participated today in the Five Minute Friday free write. Thank you, Kate Motaung, for the word prompt, milestone. Even though it’s already Monday, thank you for reading my words.

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  1. Great questions, Lisa, that help us stop, reflect and evaluate our heart’s motivation when we reach milestones in our life – to glorify God or self?

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