Music: the soundtrack of your life

It’s Friday, and for the Americans, Happy Independence Birthday celebration! Speaking of celebration this weekend will be all about cookouts, swimming, dancing, boating, and fireworks – all set to a musical soundtrack. Thank you, Kate, for this Friday word. I have set my timer to 5, and GO!


If I were to put together a Spotify playlist according to the seasons of my life, from the 60s through the early 2000s, I would have produced the soundtrack of my life. I don’t even have Spotify, but I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this concept lately. I think there are 3 specific reasons, and here they are if you care to know.

First, I’m getting older and we tend to think of that last ceremony more and more as we get older. Personally, I would rather choose the Spotify playlist than leave the choices to someone who did not live my life. Is that too controlling?

And then I remember that I have already asked our younger son to learn to play the hymn “It Is Well” on his guitar. I hope he will play his guitar for my last ceremony. I hope someone will play “It Is Well” because I will be totally and wholly well for the first time and for eternity!

Five minutes are gone. Click here to read my second and third reasons…

6 thoughts on “Music: the soundtrack of your life

  1. Don’t set me up for viewing,
    don’t give me one last last tearful glance.
    Get a party brewing,
    and everybody dance!
    Let Pastor be the DJ,
    with Mad Woman helping, too,
    and for starts they might play
    ABBA’S ‘Waterloo’,
    and then maybe ‘Dancing Queen’
    (I really think they must!),
    and perhaps, for change of scene,
    ‘Another One Bites The Dust ‘.
    Then quickly some Van Halen,
    and of course, ‘Thunderstruck’.
    get Bob Marley wailin’,
    and put me in my junkyard truck,
    fill the cab with tannerite,
    and blow me to the Blessed Light.

  2. I’ve been thinking lately that I need to put together a will and figure some stuff out for when I die. Probably the sooner the better eh?

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