The Gift of a New Day

I awoke this morning. Opening my eyes I squinted at the brightness. And just as my mind comprehended that it was the full moon glaring at me, my alarm began to sing the wake up song.

It’s a new day!

And I could have missed its dawning.

But I didn’t.

I opened my eyes and breathed in the beauty of light pink clouds surrounding a setting full moon just over golden mountain peaks. I closed my eyes thinking I’m glad I witnessed that beautiful sight.

Startling I realized I could catch it.

If I got up right then I wouldn’t miss it.

I did. I willed myself up and out. I mean all the way outside into the warm morning breezes. And I watched the full moon set behind the mountain.

Standing outside in my nightgown barefoot and looking up I thought it.

God is sweetness. He is grandeur. God is generous. And He gives amazing gifts.

Each day is a gift. And we each have our unique way of receiving gifts. Maybe you are the one who receives shyly; you carefully remove the tape, lift the lid and just ever-so slightly peek in before completely revealing the contents. Perhaps you are one who receives expectantly and just rip into that thing, pulling out the contents flinging everything everywhere. Or you’re somewhere in between. Maybe it just depends on the audience and the season.

No matter, I received this gift today. Another day was not owed to me.

You, dear one, are reading this because God awakened you with His love melody. He kept our hearts beating and our lungs breathing in and out all through the night. Whether your eyes rested all night or watched for light to come, this is the gift of a new day.

I’m not sure what you, dear one, are going through. I simply know that some are rejoicing today and some are weeping. Some are grateful for more hours and some wanted to slip into heaven before dawn. Some are thankful for revelation after the dark night of the soul and some are still desperately seeking that one missing piece to the puzzle.

You are seen.

You are known.

You are heard.

You are valued.

You are LAVISHLY loved.

And you have been gifted a new day.

Full moon setting at the dawn of a new day

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,


5 thoughts on “The Gift of a New Day

  1. Oh what an amazingly beautiful sight! Thank you for sharing it with us. And thank you for confirming the very thoughts I was just pondering with God: every breath, in and out, is such a gift from Him. All praise to Him.

  2. Awww yes. Thank you.

    Andy chose me as his picke ball tournament partner. Beginners bracket today.

    Delayed bc of rain.
    Sweet offering.

    Hatchers come for breakfast tomorrow.

    Would love a phone visit.

    Struggling but tattling to Jesus.

    “Enjoying “ Beth’s book. Wow so much to relate to.


    With joy and peace in believing…

  3. Thank you!!

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