Random Radiance, the collaboration

With Lisa Anne Tindal, Illustrator.

Read, color, write your story

Random Radiance, the book, is a collaborative project. The book cover art, and interior coloring page artwork are the original creations of @lisa_anneart on Instagram.

The words in the book were written by me, Lisa R. Brittain, and YOU! Yes, you! You are the co-author of this book. You are going to write your own stories on real paper with a pencil or pen.


Because someone, including yourself, needs your stories. Stories have always been the most effective method for teaching lessons. We are meant to learn from each other because we’re meant for community.

And it’s not just learning the practical how to make an attractive bed or fabulous P, B & J sandwich. It is that, but it’s more!

It’s reading someone’s story and learning compassion, empathy, and appreciation. It’s learning about others in a way that gets us outside our own heads and somewhat into someone else’s shoes.

It’s not to glorify the person with the story. We all tend to hold people on a pedestal until they fall off, but the purpose is to be amazed at what God has done in a life. To glorify God as the author and perfecter of our faith.

Color, read, ponder and write

The story God is writing in you is so important that it needs to be written in your own handwriting!

One day someone will pick up this book and touch the page containing your handwriting and smile. They will smile because they know you and they know your unique handwriting. They will know this story is really you!

How do I know this?

Because I do it all the time. I’m not a collector of memorabilia, but I have saved a card or letter from grandparents, who have long been enjoying the Lord face to face. I have my great grandma Becky’s Bible. I have a sons’ doodles, a note from basic training, and a special Mother’s Day card. There’s a special letter from my Dad, and one from my Mom.

From time to time I come across their handwriting and I am transported to memories and relationship. The words are special and powerful because I know the writer.

You are the writer. The Scribe. Jesus is the author. The Word.

Random Radiance: How a random word leads us to Jesus will be available very soon on Amazon. Watch for it. Ask me how to pre-order. And please pray with The Lisas that God will do with this project what He wants to do.

In the meantime, visit Lisa Anne’s page, read her words and purchase some of her art. Lisa Anne is the author and illustrator of a fabulous children’s book, Look At The Birds, available on her website as well.

Additionally, I welcome you to consider my first book, a devotional study through the book of Ruth. Find it here on my blog page or at Amazon.com

Get your pencils sharpened.

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,