Therapeutic Thursday: world

I hear it everywhere. People often lament that things have never been so bad in our world. Not just people at church. Random people in the grocery store or walking trails, and always in the media. Doom is predicted everywhere.

Something in me prickles when I hear this. It’s not because I wear rose color glasses, and delude myself that the world is good, kind and peaceful. I know that treacherous things are being perpetrated on the most vulnerable among us. And it makes me angry, frustrated, and sometimes tempted to give up.

But I also know that treachery is not new.

I believe what is more prevalent today is a propensity to accept and applaud treachery. We have a culture with a voice. Everyone wants a say (including me), and we have technology which allows us all to be quite vocal regarding our opinions. Because of technology, I’ve recently learned about cultural trends that I never could have imagined possible in my lifetime, primarily because they are intrinsically barbaric.

I guess I thought we were better educated, more civil, and sophisticated in our current day. I guess I’m wrong.

I know from Scripture all of these things have been present since Lucifer fell from grace. And the moment he convinced Eve to convince Adam to rebel against God as Sovereign, treachery ensued. The vulnerable were targeted. The righteous martyred. People groups oppressed. Individuals sold and purchased. Power plays. Seduction. The unthinkable has been perpetrated throughout history, even in the name of God. The worst!

Have you ever read the books of Genesis or Judges?

A friend recently recommended a podcast to me, Dolly Parton’s America. In the very first episode I learned of unthinkable crimes committed by men against women amongst the Appalachian people. Horror inflicted on family members within the past century, simply because of accepted cultural norms. I highly recommend this podcast among others that help us to learn about people, cultures and ourselves.

Did you watch the movie, Sound of Freedom?

What was your honest response?

In my opinion, it’s not that the world is more corrupt. It’s possibly that more people are blatantly and unapologetically choosing to do as they wish. People are more and more choosing to satisfy the flesh rather than deny themselves, and proud of their individuality. Such was the undoing of civilizations throughout history past.

Again, have you read Genesis? Judges?

This trend won’t last. It can’t sustain itself. It never has, and God will prevail when people have become so disgusted with their own depravity. The stories of prodigals returning are increasing in the midst of horror stories.

And not just when the prodigals fall on the mercy of God. It’s when I become so tired of my own selfishness that I cry out to God. It’s when you and me become so aware of our inability to fix this world on behalf of our children and grandchildren that we fall on our faces before God. It’s when I become willing to fast and pray denying my own flesh before God because I need His help.

I don’t know the mind of God. Somehow though, I don’t think He focuses on how bad things are on Earth. Scripture teaches us that His eyes roam to and fro across the earth looking for those who are faithful and revere His Name. He desires us who desire Him. His word says that He hears our voices, and He knows the name of us who belong to Him.

Is the world worse than ever? Maybe that’s the wrong question.

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,



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