What needs to be replaced?

Pondering thoughts take me to my Bible in book form, black ink on white pages. My thoughts move toward the words of Isaiah, and my fingers flip through familiar pages.

God will replace ashes with a crown of beauty. And what else? What else does God promise to replace for His children who cry out to Him for help?

I’ve read about God replacing barren desert land with streams and gardens. An oil of gladness replacing shame. Weariness exchanged for strength.

Orphans and widows find a home and relationships. Adoption is an amazing replacement for loneliness.

God offers clothing for the naked, A Robe of Righteousness. Freedom replacing bondage, and food for the hungry.

The whole book of Ruth reminds us that God, Kinsman Redeemer, is the one who replaces famine with harvest.

He turns mourning to dancing, King David wrote, because He knew from experience. Not just once, but many times David’s submission to God brought him from the depths of despair to the heights of worship and praise.

Best of all, and available to everyone who receives this gift, Jesus replaced death with life.

What needs to be replaced in your life?

I know at least one answer to that question in my own life. I’ll be talking to Jesus about some of these replacements, thanking Him for those that already fill my story, and I will open my hands to the necessary changes coming.

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,



Today I’ve joined with Kate Motaung and her brilliant band of faith writers for Five Minute Friday. The word prompt this week is replace.

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6 thoughts on “What needs to be replaced?

    1. Thank you Donna. I appreciate you stopping by to read and comment. I’ve enjoyed some of your writing as well and look forward to visiting again.🌸

  1. What wonderful replacements God offers us, Lisa! Thank you for this wonderful reminder from His Word. ~Visiting from #TellHisStory

  2. I hope God won’t trade desert places
    for grassy meadows, flowing streams,
    for then we’d lose the special graces
    that have birthed my austere dreams
    of trekking ‘neath the burning sun,
    and camping ‘neath the Milky Way,
    all adventure and some fun
    that’s so rare in the world today.
    So please, God, keep the barren wastes,
    and bless them to stay stern, forbidding.
    Though they’re not to everyone’s tastes,
    they will serve a purpose ridding
    Heaven’s green and pleasant land
    of folks who prefer desert sand.

    1. There’s a special beauty in this barren place. We love it, and water underground only enhances the mystery of the green against the sand and rocks 🌸Gods amazing beauty.

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