FMF: Why would I ask for that?

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control… Galatians 5:22-23 NIV

Upon relating a particularly challenging few miles on the path of my faith journey a fellow sojourner has asked, “Did you ask for patience?”  I’ve been scolded or at least summarily warned many times by Christian brothers and sisters about the dangers of asking God for patience.  On several occasions I’ve been reprimanded, “Why would you ask for that?”

My answer quite frankly is this: why would I not ask for patience?  Patience is a fruit of Holy Spirit.  Any sign of patience witnessed in my daily life is evidence of my adoption into the family of God.  Patience, of any amount, signifies Holy Spirit has made His dwelling place in me and is maturing me into the beautiful image of Christ.Galatians 5.22

Doesn’t it make sense I would ask for the fruit of love, joy, and peace to be evident in my life?  Surely no one would question me asking for a bumper crop of kindness, goodness, faithfulness or gentleness?  And don’t we all ask for a bushel more self-control in our lives?

So, why would I ask for patience?  Why would I not?  Why would I not want the fullness of all God desires for me?  Why are we afraid to ask for patience anyway?  Isn’t it because we’re afraid that asking for patience is going to make our lives hard?  Don’t we fear being tested?

And really doesn’t our wariness fall into the category of doubting God’s goodness?  It’s that same old tactic by which the serpent swayed Eve in the beautifully perfect garden of Eden.  God’s goodness was called into question and Eve bit along with Adam.

I don’t want to fall for the slimy tactics of God’s enemy and miss out on the fullness of all the abundant fruit my Father is offering me by the power of His Holy Spirit.  I want it all, and that’s why I will continue to ask for that!


How about you, my friend?  Do you want all the fruits of the Spirit?  Will you ask for love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, and patience?

Will you ask Father to reveal any lies of the enemy which causes you to miss out on the fullness of Father’s bounty?  What does Holy Spirit want you to know about patience and every other fruit of the Spirit?

Eyes on Jesus… you’re shining!



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9 thoughts on “FMF: Why would I ask for that?

  1. Dear Lisa, Oh, yes, God has been teaching me about patience during this season! But as I read your words, I realized the stigma of the world that is attached to patience: it is not a virtue any longer! And, I am convicted to see just how much of that stigma I have held onto myself. Oh, may I allow Him to begin to show me the true beauty that is in patience!

  2. I agree with you on that. I have often wondered why we have bought in to the whole idea that we should not ask for the one thing that could make a wonderful difference in the lives of so many. Great job! Keep up the good work!!!!

  3. Oh Lisa, you got me. I am definitely one of those folks who bit my tongue after asking for patience. Of course I had been told time and time again to never ask for patience. I do want the fruits of the spirit. I do want the Lord to be evident in my life. One pretty awesome thing that came from a time when I did seek out patience was God spurred me on in prayer for those who were working my patience (mainly other drivers). He gave me a totally new traffic tool. Small thing to some, but my commute became purposeful rather than a time of ill will and bitterness.

    Thanks a lot Lisa. You also reminded me of my need for self control.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks, Kelly, for stopping by to read my words here! Great lessons for you and me too. Our Father loves to meet us where we’re leaning into Him 💝💝

    1. Hee hee – I knew what you meant… persevere dear friend, and thank you for spending some time with me here. Good night or morning on your side of the ocean!

  4. This is so good, Lisa. It’s the hard that produces a large crop – for we are called to preserance. Ha- I have repeatedly prayed for God to break my worship of approval and acceptance from man. He’s sure been answering that – but it has meant walking through such deep pain. But would I trade it for the world? NO! Because I am beginning to taste the freedom our Holy Savior wrought for us all bleeding on that Cross. And oh the joy and peace and hope it’s growing in me. 😊 Praise Him! This sinner is going to keep praying for the hard but precious gifts.

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