Could you please clarify?

Just now. No filter.

A feature of our town that I love most are the mountains. They fascinate me with the varied heights of the peaks, the textures, and shadows, and best of all the variety of colors from day to day and season to season.

I’ve looked up almost every morning and evening for more than a year hoping to see big horn sheep grazing. One early morning I saw movement. Way up at the top. I could see something white and it was definitely moving. Focusing my eyes on a landmark to remember, I ran to our bedroom to grab our binoculars.

Earlier sunrise. No filter.

It took me a minute or so to find my landmark and then focus the binoculars to that area. There was something up there for sure. To my disappointment it was not a big horn sheep, it was a man hiking in a brilliant white t-shirt. I watched him as he zigzagged his way quickly and carefully down a path.

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Asking, seeking and knocking.