He has made a way of escape…

Escape: seeking to be free. Fleeing something or someone. Desiring a change of scenery. Moving away from perceived danger. Running from. Changing boundaries. Getting away from responsibilities. An alternative reality.

“Follow Me”

Escape, the word at first glance is simple, basic, and common sense. However, the longer I ponder, the deeper and wider my thoughts travel into so many aspects of this simplistic word. So I’m trying to follow just one of my thought paths in just a few minutes of writing.

It’s a normal practice to prepare and practice escape routes in case of an emergency. Every time we board a plane, receive a message from the emergency broadcast system, anticipate a major weather event or head into the wilderness for hiking, we are reminded of safety measures and escape routes.

Recently, my dear man and I watched again some of the documentaries commemorating September 11, 2001. Every year we are saddened by the horror of evil inflicted person upon person, while at the same time we are amazed by and give thanks for the heroism of so many who didn’t escape because they insisted on helping others escape the carnage.

Our example for providing a way of escape is God. We know Him in the Bible as a Rescuer of afflicted and exiled people, a Way-maker in the wilderness, and a Shepherd for the lost and wandering of His flock. When all of mankind appeared to be doomed for destruction, God came as a person to live by example how to flee temptation.

Jesus, the Living Son of God, was not spared tragedy or suffering. In fact, His life was full of both. The Bible teaches that Jesus faced every temptation known to man, but did not succumb to sin. He always took the way of escape available to Him because He stayed in constant communion with His Father. He stayed connected.

Jesus always chose the way of escape.

Again, I’m reminded of one of the most miraculous escape stories featured in one of several 9/11 documentaries. Two men, Stanley and Brian, previously strangers, who found each other in the worst moments of their lives. They talked, bonded, prayed together, and helped each other to the light of day. Alone each one may have given into temptation and given up in despair. Together they found the escape route opened to them. Each gained life, and a brother. Forever.

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,


Stanley Praimnath and Brian Clark, brothers forever.

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