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“Please stop answering what you think I’m asking.”

Lisa Brittain

I know. I know. He writes the marriage one liners, and I explain them.

However, just the other day as we were conversing, I started to laugh. You know those moments when you just get tickled, and you can’t stop laughing?

The subject matter of our conversation is completely lost on me. It was friendly banter as I remember. Nothing overly serious.

Yet several times in a row I heard my dear man answering a question I hadn’t asked. And finally, I blurted out…

“Please stop answering what you think I’m asking.” And then he started chuckling. And then I began to laugh.

I got so tickled… Snort. Snort.

And he said, “That’s a good one liner. You should use that.”

It is true (and sometimes it’s funny) that when you’ve lived life with someone for decades you tend to finish each other’s sentences. Or as happened here, answer a question you were sure the other person was asking.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Proverbs 17:22 NIV

For sure, these tendencies can cause frustration, which sometimes lead to feeling unheard or undervalued. However, communication is key, especially when there’s a glitch in the communication line.

There’s no doubt we often fail to communicate well, me and my dear man; but we also know this many years invested that it’s best to resolve an issue sooner rather than later.

We’ve also learned that humor can diffuse many a potential land mine. We try not to take ourselves so seriously and to laugh often at ourselves.

So, take it from us, you might want to answer the question that’s being asked or respond to the information presented rather than what you think you’re hearing. Otherwise, you might find yourselves laughing, throwing out potential one-liners and trying to catch your breath at the same time having no idea of the subject matter ten minutes later.

Hugs from the fun couple until next time,

Randy and Lisa