Peace, unfortunately, has not been consistent over the many months of this strange year. Just in our tiny corner of the world we've experienced some of the most bizarre situations, which have threatened to pit neighbor against neighbor. However, the doves keep showing up to remind me to pray, and to remind me that my Prince of Peace is here.

It’s really that simple.

The point is that nearness, awareness, and devotion are key to my desire to replicate my Beloved's character. It is my responsibility to make sure I am rightly positioned with my eyes on Jesus, my ears tuned to His voice, watching for His movement and waiting for direction. If I'm reading God's word, taking Him at His word and putting my feet in His footprints, I will be rightly positioned for success. I am much more likely to love God first and then love my neighbor as Jesus loves me.

Saturday Share with Lisa Anne Tindal

Would my daddy not want to come home and face it all, numb himself to the troubles with whiskey and barrel into the house to meet my mama’s anger. I never knew what home would be like and so I understand the children who are unsure of where they will sleep. I’ve never been homeless; yet, I understand the uncertainty of what home will be.