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It’s Friday!  Kate Motaung had a surprise announcement along with her word prompt of the week.  Check out her upcoming release of an online writer’s e-course coming by clicking fmf logohere.  And by clicking there you will also find the five minute friday link-up for this week.

The word prompt is {guide}

As usual, I dreamt of the word in the night hours and woke up with inspiration.  So, now I am ready to set the timer to 5, and GO!


I woke up thinking… He will guide me into all truth.  Yes, Holy Spirit is my guide and He will guide me into all truth.  John 16:13

Holy Spirit guides me into all truth, yes, when I know…  experientially know… the truth as trustworthy and good… I am set free.

Thinking of the blind children new to our giant school and the tender women who come to teach them to use their walking cane to find their way through the building (which has 3 floors and is full of 2100 children + adults).  The learning has to be daunting.  Aren’t they afraid?  The task of the adults – it causes me to watch in awe.  Because I can’t relate – it all seems impossible and yet the guide guides every day and the children learn and in the daily guiding – these children are set free to walk the building.

I am daily amazed!  I watch and interact with one young girl (Hope, is her name) as she comes through the front door.  I’ve wondered a time or two if she might be an angel in disguise.

I just want to be friendly so I call out to her – “Hello, Hope!  How are you today?”

I didn’t even realize my voice is a marker for her – a landmark of sorts.  Just like I look for landmarks to guide me as I travel about, she uses sounds and her walking cane – actually she is using every one of her other senses to develop landmarks – to guide her

Her guide is always asking questions.  What do you smell?  Yes, food.  You’re right, we’re by the cafeteria.  Did you hear Ms. Brittain say hello? Yes, you’re right, we’re at the front door.

Hope (her name, can you believe it?) is guided without sight.  And then it hits me – you probably got there first – that’s the definition of faith.  Hebrews 11:1


Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Faith is walking (like Hope, but in a spiritual sense) trusting my guide to teach me without being able to see where I am going.  Yes, I need a guide.  I want to be set free.  To walk free in faith without seeing.

It is in trusting my guide, Holy Spirit, my faith roots grow deep into the rich soil of my redeemed heart.  My guide sees what I cannot.  He sees the beautiful garden and desires for me to walk freely in it.  Soon faith-blossoms burst open and eventually bear abundant fruit of joy, peace, love, endurance, kindness…without sight, but with a guide…


Disclaimer:  I have found that my thoughts flow steadily when I write on paper with a pen.  And so I have written out my FMF thoughts in my journal.  Afterward, I set my timer for five and typed out of my journal for this FMF: {guide}


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