To what do I aspire?

It seems a popular question for our times.

This is not only a question for young people. I hear it in a variety of forms from quite a variety of generations. Especially, it seems, at this graduation time of year.

“What’s next?”

“What is my passion?”

“How can I live a life of significance?”

“What do you want to do with your life?”

“Does God have anything left for me to do?”

These are huge and sometimes tumultuous questions because there’s often a closet full of emotions hiding just behind the question. Oftentimes, fear and anxiety or doubt and regrets loom large over the one pondering life and their place in it. And so, at times the question is left unexplored because of the potential time and mess necessary for sorting out the truth from the lies.

I understand. I’m sure I’ve asked all of these questions on a number of occasions. And I’m also sure I’ve found myself in a tangled mess of truth and lies at various times. But God offers light, direction and wisdom when we seek Him.

And so I appreciate today the word placed before us for this Five Minute Friday writing challenge because I need to wrestle internally with the answer to this question. More to the point, I need to admit to myself that I am wrestling before God continually with this question.

Do you as well? Wrestle, I mean.

To what do you aspire?

At 60 years of age and retired, I am just now embracing the truth of myself. I’m a natural born communicator. That means I like to talk. But it also means I want to hear. I live for the joy of a two way exchange.

Its been proven over a lifetime that I am quite at home with people gathered around encouraging words and life stories. The regular daily interactions with people just fuels me. To hear your story of who you are and how you got here and where you might be headed; well friend, this is my passion!

It’s high time I own it. This is how I’m wired. God knew before I could ever speak a word that this is who He designed me to be. And He’s a refining fire. God is always teaching me more and more about when to speak and when to get quiet. He’s at work in me to be a more purposeful listener. And He’s teaching me how to ask better questions.

And so, I’ve flown past the 5 minute mark, but I believe I’ve experienced a breakthrough by way of this pondering and writing activity. I just remembered the great commission to which Jesus called each of His followers.

Go and tell…

In conclusion, whether I have another day or thirty more years, I aspire to one day slip through the veil of eternity and find myself in the exhilarating embrace of Jesus. And I want to hear, through His proud and toothy grin, these words, “Well done. Welcome home!”

Eyes on Jesus… you’re shining!



Thank you for the word, Kate! I’ve been pondering many aspirational thoughts since late last night. Just now though, I have joined a fabulous community of faith writers in setting my timer for 5 minutes and simply forming pondering thoughts into words on a page.

I apologize once again my pondering took me past the 5 minute mark.

10 thoughts on “Aspire

  1. really do not like to speak,
    and therefore will not bend your ear,
    so I think I’ll go and seek
    another can or two of beer
    and lean against the social wall
    to listen, never chiming in.
    I’ve seen much and done it all,
    but trophies that I won were tin,
    so please don’t try to draw me out
    (naught to see here, move along!);
    you may think me a lazy lout,
    and in this you are not wrong,
    for the roads that I once trod
    I’m happy now to leave with God.

    1. We’re all so different.
      The talkers and
      The listeners.
      We all reveal different
      facets of our maker.
      Thank you for your poems.
      Thank you for your hard earned wisdom shared through suffering.
      Thank you!

  2. I’m not as far along in life as you are, but I feel like I’m just beginning to be comfortable with who I am and how I’m made. I’ve often asked the question, does God have more for me? I think I’m realizing that if I’m open to his leading and humble in my desires, he is eager to use his children. So while I continue to do the work set in front of me I know he’ll redirect me as needed. (If only it were as easy to do as to say). Thank you for your encouraging words.

  3. This post made me smile, Lisa. Growing up, my family always called me “Chatty Cathy” because I loved to talk. As I grew up, I got quieter, enjoying conversations one on one. An exchange of ideas, experiences, and emotions. You brought to mind an aspiration – may each conversation we have leave others thinking about Jesus.

    1. Oh I was called Chatty Cathy as well. And I’ve often heard that I can “talk a blue streak”! Ha ha ha
      Always as a child aspired to be on a stage🥹 It’s embarrassing to admit at my age. I too have gotten more quiet and enjoy the smaller one on one conversations and writing to use up my words.

      Thank you for sharing and relating to my story!🌸

  4. What a beautiful discovery, Lisa, “The regular daily interactions with people just fuels me. To hear your story of who you are and how you got here and where you might be headed; well friend, this is my passion! It’s high time I own it. This is how I’m wired.” Congratulations on your new book!

  5. I had a similar thought – that as I’m nearing retirement age, I’m still not always sure what I want to be when I grow up, or what I aspire to! This was a prompt that got me thinking, and your take on it got me thinking even more.

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