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The last day of August 2017 – my husband is so happy watching The Ohio State on a Thursday night.  The temperature in North Georgia has decreased this week from highs in the 90’s to highs in the 80’s.  In the Southern US that all equals Fall.

I’ve set my timer for 5:00… and write!

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A young neighbor sped past me this afternoon on her way home.  I held tight to my dogs hoping she saw us while zooming by.  My thoughts were not warm, and I purposely gave her the motherly glare indicating, “Not acceptable, young lady!”.

She lives in “that house” – the one which has become the focus of much frustration amongst neighbors.  All the late night parties, loud voices, and music, cars speeding in and out all through the night – unacceptable in this quiet family style neighborhood in the suburbs.  We all wonder, “why do they live here?”

I know she saw me.  I saw her glaring back at me through her rearview mirror.  And then she pulled into her garage and closed the door behind her.

I felt instant conviction.  I heard His voice in the deep place bringing correction…

“Is your attitude of ‘unacceptable’ going to convey the Christ honoring message – ‘I want to be your neighbor?'”

Wondering how I could make reparations… how I could meet her… offer peace… I reflected on being her age.  I let myself go back and remember.

I remember when I was young, carefree, driving a little too fast on my way home with the radio turned way up – singing – celebrating the end of the work day.  I remember catching the stink eye of an older neighbor and wondering why they had to be such a killjoy!

I wish I could rewind.  I would like to flag her down with a smile rather than a scowl.  I’d like to ask her name… where is she from… who is she… why does a young single girl like her live in a boring, suburban neighborhood after all?


I asked the Lord, in my time of necessary correction, “what could I do to be neighborly to this young woman?”  I knew I needed a heart change… an attitude adjustment.  Now I’m praying, asking, seeking an opportunity to love her – my neighbor.

Jesus second greatest commandment after loving God with all my heart is to love my neighbor as I love myself.

Do you have a neighbor whose behavior is considered ‘unacceptable’?  Are you feeling the tug of Holy Spirit to build a bridge with this neighbor?  Will you pray with me for a heart change?

Lord, teach us how to be a neighbor to everyone you’ve placed in our circle of influence because you’ve placed each one of us purposely – no happenstance.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the fabulous Five Minute Friday community for this week’s writing challenge.  We’re setting our timers for 5 minutes flat and writing on the word prompt {neighbor}.

8 thoughts on “FMF: {neighbor}

  1. Lisa I love your heart and how you listen to the nudgings of the Lord. I believe your neighbor will be truly blessed by you whether it is through your prayers now in private or a big hello with some yummy iced tea (I kind of am craving iced tea right now).
    Thanks for the encouragement to reach out to our neighbors and even attempt a step in their shoes or at least remembering when we might have worn them.
    Have a blessed week!

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    1. Kelly, I’m reading your comment and feeling hopeful you have internet access – free flowing by now. =) Thank you for stopping here and spending some of your precious time on me. You are a beautiful light of encouragement. I think I’d love to share a glass of iced tea with you out on a porch on a warm day.


  2. It can be hard. When I lived in San Diego I had a Pit Bull by the name of Jolly Tulip (he was a boy, and dogs don’t have gener-name issues). One day found a large and very dead lizard, about a foot long. I didn’t want him to eat the thing, and tried to throw the remains over the back fence into the canyon.

    But it’s hard to throw a big lizard, and my first attempt was short. JT retrieved the body and brought it back to me dropping it at my feet. A new game!

    I wound up for another toss, but something went wrong and the lizard sailed over the board side-fence into the neighbour’s yard, where they were having a pool party. I heard a splash, and then silence.

    The silence didn’t last long, because Jolly Tulip leaped onto the fence, hooked his elbows over the top (he couldn’t get over), and wailed his frustration.

    Later I went over to the neighbours and apologised, and they gave me back the lizard. They said it had turned into the best party they’d had in years.

    #1 at FMF this week.

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    1. Andrew, thank you for sharing your dog and neighbor story. I am laughing out loud for real. My hubby and I have 3 dogs – all rescue mutts. They are precious to us, but they get us in more trouble with neighbors than anything else. They love to play rough with each other and it gets pretty loud sometimes. I love that they have each other and enjoy their special play times. Others just really don’t understand.

      I’m embarrassed at my response to my neighbor…. truly not a proud moment. This is not the story I would want to share about {neighbor} because we live in a fantastic neighborhood and I truly love my neighbors… mostly I guess the Lord has pointed out.
      Bless you, Andrew, for reading and sharing your own story and taking time to encourage me!

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  3. It is a challenge to be a good neighbour. It can be very easy to focus on behaviour that annoys us rather than making the effort to be kind and loving, but it would make a big difference to show the kind of love Jesus calls us to. Thanks for sharing this challenge.

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    1. Thank you, Lesley, for stopping by to spend some of your precious time to read my five minute post. It’s not a proud moment for sure, but one I felt I was supposed to own, confess and write about. Bless you, Lesley, on your adventure journey with Jesus.

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  4. Thank you for this story and the prayer. We have a house in our neighborhood that recently put anti-police writing on their car, and my husband is a police officer. I am trying to pray my way to make a connection. Blessings to you today, Lisa.

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    1. Julie, thank you for your precious time spent here with me – reading, commenting and joining me in prayer for our neighbors…and for ourselves. Bless you and your husband with courage and strength and tender hearts as you follow Jesus!

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