Day 124 Psalm 124

Day 124. Turn your eyes to Jesus. Cry out to Him. In His name is your only forever home.

Psalm 124. Where does your help come from? In what name do you place your trust? Your security? Your hope?

In what, in whom is your eternal security? Do you know Jesus? No, not do you know about Him. Do you know Him personally? Intimately? Relationally? Do you bear His name?

Look up. See Him as life, love, defender, protector and security beyond this short life. As I walk and live and visit with people all around me I feel as if I am living out a role in a 60’s Twilight Zone episode.

People everywhere are masked, eyes wild, making muffled sounds I can barely understand, grabbing children to stay close, and moving quickly. Cancelling life again. Seeking safety. Security. Protection. In what?

I want to cry on their behalf, bid them come, reach out and pull them into safety under Jesus’ blood. Surrender. Please. Give your life to Him and He will fill you with an inexpressible joy.

Does Jesus guarantee you won’t get sick or that you will never suffer financial hardship or lose your job? No, He doesn’t guarantee an easy life nor does Jesus promise an American dream of worldly freedom and prosperity.

Jesus Christ is King of His own eternal Kingdom. He is Creator and Author of our very existence. He’s allowed us to live at this time in a world that is fading away so that we will look up. So that we will cry out to Him for help.

Jesus through His word is declaring that He has already made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross and conquered death once and for all time. His Kingly invitation is for all humans to receive His invitation to His banquet table. He bids us come. Surrender under His Lordship. Receive His free gift of life with Him beyond this lifetime on Earth.

Listen. He already knows your name. Jesus is calling you by name. Do you hear? He’s knocking at the door of your heart right this moment. Please open the door.

You can be unmasked with Him. You can tell Jesus everything that you’re afraid of and He’ll listen. He’ll catch every tear. He’ll hold you while you scream and rail against all the unfairness of your life. Jesus understands it all. He sees and hears everything with which you are frustrated. He feels your pain and understands your anxiety.

But He doesn’t want you to stay there. He holds The Key to your freedom. He, Jesus, Good Shepherd – He is The Way and ultimate peaceful life.

“If the Lord had not been on our side when…” Psalm 124:2
“Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 124:8

The Lord is on your side. He created you. Designed you. Formed you in your mother’s womb by His loving Father hands. He wants you. He seeks you out. He’s ready to deliver you from darkness.

Are you on His side? Will you say yes? Surrender all the weightiness of your existence in a world in which you control nothing? Lay it down at Jesus’ feet and let Him lift you up to walk with Him unfettered and free. Receive the JOY of His salvation.

If you said yes, welcome to the Kingdom of God where Jesus is King. You are so loved. You are free, my brother and my sister. Welcome home!

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,