I read this one word this morning and so many thoughts popped like popcorn. Thoughts of Moses asking Almighty God to show him God’s glory. And a hymn The Cleft of The Rock –

Oh, soul, thou who now art weary,
To the Rock do come for rest;
Come to Him who only can cheer thee,
To the dear loving Savior’s breast.
Oh, the cleft of the Rock
Where my soul may hide,
Come to Him who only can cheer thee,
To the dear loving Savior’s breast.

Samuel E. Good
Photo by Lisa Brittain

My thoughts skim over my memories of visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Back in 2010, I wrote my prayer on a piece of paper, folded it and put it in a crevice within the retaining wall at the Temple Mount. There my big prayer of faith on a tiny paper rested amongst thousands of prayers on paper hidden in the crevices meant only for God to read.

And finally my heart harkens back to a scripture in which I’ve found so much comfort, restoration and healing, especially in this most recent season of uprooted wandering.

Psalm 23 & our Good Shepherd leading us through the valley of shadows.

In my imagination I picture us (me and my dear man) walking through a pathway that is a crevice between to rock walls. The sunlight has such a small window of time during which it lights our path. But our Shepherd leads. And when we remember this truth we are comforted.

On the hardest days, I’ve whispered to no one in particular… it just feels like we live between a rock and a hard place. I know I’m not the only one. Can someone whisper an amen?

However, it’s generally on the hardest of days that I sense Holy Spirit nudging me to look up. And when I do take my eyes off myself and my hurt heart, I most often recognize my patient Jesus holding out a chair for me at His table. He invites me… “Come and sit. I have nourishment for you.”And He doesn’t just mean veggies. He offers delicacies as well, along with the richness of His presence.

Come to the table. This invitation is for you, and it’s for me. Jesus stands at the door and knocks. He wants to come in and dine at your table with you. Revelation 3:20

Jesus sets a table for us and invites us to dine even with the enemy of our soul watching nearby. But with Him we are able to dine without fear. Psalm 23:5

Photo by Lisa Brittain

Whatever shadowy place you might be walking through, there’s a chair held out for you. And if you’re rejoicing in the sunshine drenched meadows, there’s a seat held out for you. No matter the circumstances or emotions we walk through, our Father is big enough to keep us in the crevice of His keeping.

Come and buy milk and bread without money. The invitation to come and share in the meal is offered by our Heavenly Father. Isaiah 55:1

Gather together, God’s family, and do not forsake the assembling together to encourage one another. Come and break the bread. Come and take the cup. And as often as we come to dine at His table let us remember the extreme sacrifice Jesus made in order to be able to host us at the marriage supper of the Lamb.
1 Corinthians10:16, Hebrews 10:25,
Revelation 19:6-9

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,


Photo by Lisa Brittain

3 thoughts on “Crevice

  1. Awww ❤️ You have a way with words. Sharing hard life truths in beautiful truths. Thank you.


    With joy and peace in believing…

  2. Lisa, you know from reading my post about painful anniversaries, that I needed these reminders today. The scriptures You shared are ones that God has pointed me to on my journey of healing. Thank you for sharing this encouragement today. -Jolene

    1. Hi Jolene, Thank you for taking time today to read and comment on my writing. I am so sorry for your grief, but so grateful that you are allowing the Lord to heal and restore you to joy and hope in Jesus’ name. Bless you!

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