I read this one word this morning and so many thoughts popped like popcorn. Thoughts of Moses asking Almighty God to show him God’s glory. And a hymn The Cleft of The Rock - Oh, soul, thou who now art weary,To the Rock do come for rest;Come to Him who only can cheer thee,To the … Continue reading Crevice


In pondering this one word {ease} I wander back and remember this beautifully romantic exchange between Boaz, the landowner, and Ruth, the new girl in Bethlehem. Boaz saw her, introduced himself and blessed her for her reputation. “May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, … Continue reading Ease


I’m a recent convert to the latest obsession called pickleball. Do you know of this? Whether you are completely engrossed in this game or dabbling in it, no doubt you’ve heard of pickleball. It’s everywhere! There are huge tournaments now and championships. Some would say that it’s gaining momentum and will soon take over tennis. … Continue reading Beliefs