Renovation Anyone?

I love the story of King Hezekiah in the Old Testament.  The young king was only twenty-five years old – the age of my sons – when he undertook a major reclamation of God’s temple.  He opened the doors and repaired them.  He assembled the priests and Levites in the temple square for the first time in years and commanded them to do two things.

  1. Consecrate themselves.
  2. Consecrate the temple of the LORD.

(2 Chronicles 29:3-5)

Generations of God’s people had turned away from His goodness and toward objects of idol worship.  As a result, God’s people were scattered.  Many were taken into captivity by foreign rulers.  The temple of God was defiled and Judah was left in ruins.  It was a shameful sight.

But this is where my heart gets encouraged.  Young Hezekiah, rather than grumbling, blaming, punishing or shaming, rolled up his kingly sleeves and got to work on a restoration plan.  He reminds me of young friends in my city who have a heart for renewal and restoration, as well as a revival in the hearts of God’s people.  Their reclamation efforts are purposeful to make God’s name great.2 chronicles 29.3

Two couples have joined in a business venture to buy rundown properties, cleanse and restore them for families who will become neighbors.  Recently a city church, whose congregants are mostly young professionals and students, pledged financial resources above the initial request with the goal of expanding their ministry to reclaim their city in the name of Jesus.  And another young couple moved to a nearby village, which bears deep wounds of racial strife, with God-sized vision and compassionate hearts longing for reconciliation and restoration.

Calling all daughters of Father’s delight.  Come young daughters and bring your youthful passion to restore and energize your older sisters in the joy of the Lord.  Come back, all daughters who have been scattered from God’s people due to distrust and disillusionment.  Come together, all daughters of the King, let us taste and see that the Lord is good.


I have the honor and privilege of writing weekly devotionals for Daughter of Delight on Instagram.  This post with some slight variation was first posted as an original devotional for Daughter of Delight on Instagram – 2/10/2018.

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Eyes on Jesus… you’re shining!


8 thoughts on “Renovation Anyone?

  1. Lisa, this is such a beautiful call to join in with God’s purposes! I missed this when it came up on IG this last week, so I am glad to be able to read it here! Oh may we lift our songs with Him to call each other to His heart! Love & Hugs to you!

  2. I also love the story of Hezekiah. It blows my mind that he wanted to follow God when his father was so bad. Just goes to show all of us that God doesn’t give up on people, on families. He’s truly in the business of redeeming anyone who calls upon Him in sincere repentance and faith.

    (Have you heard of Mesu Andrews? You should read her book, “Isaiah’s Daughter.” Tells this story in a fictionalized format from the perspective of Hezekiah’s wife. Really good!)

  3. Love this! Begin again, my self talk for today. Feeling vulnerable over some things not turning out as I hoped. I’m painting on new canvas today, going back to where “my angels” and their ministry to others began.

    Thanks, friend.

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