Self, what does {try} look like through your filter of life experience? (continued)

Recently I posted a short Five Minute Friday free write using the word prompt {try}.  You can read it by clicking here.

I was writing about Peter and the disciples in a boat, and Jesus walking to them on the water (found in Matthew 14:22-33).  Let’s continue with my last thoughts from the previous post:

Suddenly, they see someone walking across the waves.  The disciples first thought ghost. He had to be shining, right?  It was dark.  Or maybe the moon was His spotlight.Matthew 14

Anyway, Jesus called out to them, “Take courage.  It is I.  Don’t be afraid.”  I imagine Peter boldly standing up on the edge of the boat and screaming out into the wind, “Lord, if it’s You call me to walk out to You on top of the water….just like You are doing!”  I wonder, when Jesus said, “Come”, did Peter hear, “Give it a try.  Jump on out here!”

Peter takes a whole lot of ribbing for being impulsive, and maybe un-redeemed it’s called impulsive.  Maybe in the process of his sanctification, Peter was quick to trust.  Honestly, I read about Peter’s life as a follower of Jesus and think he might possibly be the poster child for the word {try}.

Perhaps I run to Peter’s defense because of the soft spot in my heart for him.  Possibly it’s because at 54 (not at 4 or 14 or even 24, but 54 yes!) I see myself a bit resembling Peter in action.  Truly, I’m quick to run into the thick of things before asking many questions.


Lisa crossing the S of G
Boating across the Sea of Galilee

Continually looking around to see what God is doing around me, I catch a glimpse and suddenly, enthusiastically throw my hand in the air like a third grader.  “Ooohhhh, oooh, Teacher, Teacher….pick me!  PICK ME!!!”


Sometimes Jesus does pick me.  There’s no doubt in my mind; I simply know He’s called me into the deep.  Other times I have done like Peter in this section of Scripture, and I’ve volunteered myself for an adventure.  I think the unintentionally proud thought might be, “Jesus, if You’re doing it then I can do it too, right?”

Either way, I tend to be quick to jump out of the boat – just like Peter – right into the water two feet first.  My eyes are on Jesus, wanting to succeed in this new adventure, and make Him proud of me – a step and then another.  But the waves and the wind and the dark, scariness of the whole thing overwhelms my initial excitement and…

I look at the obstacles and take my eyes off Him, and I wonder out loud, “What was I thinking?  Jesus, are You there.  I didn’t know what I was asking for really.  I’m sinking… can I get back in the boat?”

But when he (Peter) saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me.”  Jesus immediately reached out His hand and took hold of him…  Matthew 14:30-31

sea of galilee shore (2)
On the shore of the Sea of Galilee

You know, Jesus is always right there for me…just like He was for Peter.  I imagine He gets a big kick out of watching me get excited and want to try something bigger than myself. (You too)  However, He does need to remind me that I can’t do it alone. (You too) Holy Spirit residing within me is constantly refining my impulsivity and is instead creating a heart of trust and a will to follow into the great unknown.  I need Him…for everything, every day, and all the time.

And yet I can’t stop myself.  I want to make every day count for as long as I have days to count.  I still want to {try}.  I don’t ever want to wonder why I just didn’t {try}!


  1. Do you relate to Peter?  Do you think of yourself as impulsive?  Eager for adventure?  A risk taker?
  2. If yes to any of those characteristics, in what areas of your character do you recognize Holy Spirit’s refinement?  Instead of impulsive Holy Spirit is creating _________________ in you.
  3. If no, you really don’t relate to Peter in his willingness to jump out of the boat to walk on the water, what do you think you would be doing and or saying to him at the moment?
  4. Will you ask Holy Spirit for wisdom to understand your personality?  Your desire for adventure?  Your level of risk taking?  Your willingness to try?  Truly you are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image and uniquely gifted for the edification of the saints.
  5. What one thing do you wish to {try}?  What’s stopping you?  What are you waiting for?  Will you talk to your Good Father about it?  I wonder if He might just call you to come on out and give it a try!


3 thoughts on “Self, what does {try} look like through your filter of life experience? (continued)

  1. Looking to the author and finisher of our faith – keeping our eyes on Jesus is a good reminder for me this morning. I step out- thinking I got this God – I can do this but then I fail. Then I am reminded of John 15- the vine . I can nothing without Him. That picture of Jesus immediately helping Peter in the wind and the waves is so comforting. Jesus is our refuge , our anchor and very present help.
    Thanks for the encouragement !

  2. I’m on the other extreme needing to try. Asking Holy Spirit questions. 👍🗣❣️ Thank you. Renouncing the lie I have to get it right -do it right rather than…enjoy the adventure journey with Jesus.

    1. Thanks, Ruthie! Both add perspective. Neither… Or none of the 12 … None are the right personality. We’re all coming to be conformed from different angles, perspectives and life filters!
      Holy Spirit loves your questions!! Me too.💖

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