Simple Vessels


I’m not an expert on Purim. But I’ve read God’s love letter to His creation in the book of Esther a number of times. Today, the book of Esther strikes me afresh as we’ve welcomed an amazingly created baby girl to our family.

God always brings deliverance, revival, freedom and hope through the most unexpected vessels.

We just met our one month old granddaughter and she represents so much hope to me. She’s a miracle. A new life. She is a simple and very complicated vessel containing hope which she is already pouring out on all of us older generations.

Only God knows His intricate and glorious plans for baby RCB. I only know His plans for her are good.

God always brings deliverance, revival, freedom and hope through the most unexpected vessels.

Because GOD HOLDS her hand and mine too is the only reason I can later today hold, hug, pray blessings, love and then board a plane for the other side of the country. My heart will be torn anew…

But God is bigger!

Esther was an ordinary young woman. We would probably call her a teen girl. I’m sure she was beautiful and full of life.

Much like Daniel she was kidnapped by the king’s men. And like Daniel, God had the most amazing plans for her to be instrumental in saving the remnant of His people.

The question remains for us simple vessels…

Will I choose to participate with God in His plans? Will you?

Even if my circumstances aren’t what I had planned. Even if I feel like I’m living in exile. Even if it’s impossible for me to see that God could make anything good out of these facts of life.

Lord, Jesus, I believe you make beauty from ashes. Help me believe. I know you are able to change mourning into dancing. Help me trust you. I see you growing new branches on family trees so you must have more fruit yet to come. Help me believe Your goodness.

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,


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