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“It’s good to see some toe cleavage!”

Randy Brittain

This is our first desert winter. And we’ve been cold. To be totally honest, we’ve been wondering if we missed the fine print disclosure on the marketing brochure regarding winter prep.

Apparently though, according to more seasoned inhabitants, snow in the mountains is highly unusual at the beginning of April. So, even though we live down in the palm trees, it’s been all closed-toe shoes for us since November!

Verified by our new Canadian friends, it’s been a long cold winter in the desert, eh?!

So, on a particularly warmer spring afternoon I decided to venture out for our walk in my thongs (think feet). What a beautiful spring day!

My feet were free and warm in the strong sunshine. It was wonderful until the embarrassing moment when I realized my feet had gone untended for quite some time. You know, ladies, how unattractive feet can be when we’re sorely in need of a pedicure.

But right on cue, my dear man, jumped in with one of his marital encouragements…

“It’s good to see some toe cleavage!”

He could have said a lot of things about the disrepair of my feet. He could have mentioned that I might want to keep my feet covered up until I had them tended to. But I think sensing some embarrassment on my part he chose the positive.

So, wherever you are, we hope spring is here. We encourage you to get out your thongs (think feet), and enjoy a nice walk together. Enjoy the sunshine, flowers, birds and warmer temps. And we really hope you enjoy more skin – some good toe cleavage!

And laugh together!

Hugs from the fun couple until next time…

Randy and Lisa