Anchors up!

A number of years ago as painful upheaval seemed to become the overarching theme of our lives, I cried out to Jesus for an anchor. I was emotionally reeling – seasick on the storm tossed waves of normal life.

God heard my cries for help. Jesus appeared walking on the waves reaching out to take hold of me. He called to me turning my gaze upon His peaceful countenance.

I could see in my mind’s eye that Jesus was not disturbed by this storm. He anticipated it. He always knew we would encounter these life altering events.

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As I chose to fix my eyes on Jesus, at least emotionally I began to catch a glimpse of a different visual. In my imagination I could see myself in the back of a small white sailboat. The weather was perfect.


Warmth covered my face turned upward. The lagoon water was blue glass. A light breeze tickled my nose.

And all was calm. Peace flooded my soul. As I began to look around I saw Randy at the front of this sailboat and a man standing next to Randy. They were looking outward. Chatting quietly.

I could see nothing amiss.

The storm was gone. And I recognized the gift God was offering me for my real life transition to a new normal. I asked for an anchor in the storm. He showed me a sailboat anchored on a calm lagoon. And Jesus? Yeah, that was Him in the boat with us. He would not leave us – ever. He would sail with us.


That visual has anchored my daily faith walk since 2015. 7 years ago as I type this blog post today. Oh believe me, like Peter, I have suffered through days and weeks of looking away from Jesus. I’ve faltered in the storm tossed waves at times believing surely we would perish.

But gently, the reminder to look up fights it’s way into my consciousness through the reading of God’s Scriptural love letters, a song or a trusted voice. Seasons. Lessons. Growth. Trust. Hope. A call to follow has brought us to these current days.

Nole Brittain in his car camper

Eyes on Jesus. He has brought me back to the sailboat almost daily through this year – 2022. He’s been calling out to me, “Get ready, sweetheart. The wind is picking up and we’re about to sail out of this lagoon.”

In my mind’s eye, as I choose to fix my eyes on Jesus, I see that He not only is peaceful & unconcerned; He’s giddy really. Jesus is smiling. He’s grinning ear to ear as he anticipates the moment He will call out to us,

“Anchors up!”

Just closed the sale of our Georgia home.

That moment arrived. Finally, in my heart and mind. But Jesus always knew that Monday, May 23, 2022 (on our earthly calendar) would be the day He would nod, smile and call out, “Anchors up, children! Let’s sail!”

Day 2 – sailing

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Eyes on Jesus… we’re shining!