All the best things

The quiet descends as all the best things come to a close. My heart is so full it could burst; just like the clouds, which have broken loose overhead with a continuous downpour. Many tears build up and hang on the edge. Not just sad ones, but joy-filled, gratitude drops multiplying and collecting.

We’ve laughed loud and hard.

How many footprints were left in the sand as we walked the Gulf shores? We’ll never know. Wandering over sandbars, we searched out shell treasures. Dolphins played hide and seek amongst the pelicans on various days.

We learned about our family tree. Many friendly battles were fought at the table over games such as Uno, Monopoly, Rummikub, and Taboo. As often as we competed in games, teamwork caused hundreds of puzzle pieces to come together to form a beautiful picture.

The bicycles gave many of us an outlet for exercise and a welcome opportunity to breathe fresh salt air.

Oh, and we ate some amazing food. Everyone took turns planning meals and serving others. Those who play hard together eat heartily together!

Late nights for the young and early mornings for the elders.
Rest. Repair. Restore.

My prayers in advance have been answered beyond my wildest expectations or hopes. Simple was my request in a sincere effort to avoid telling God what to do. (A new place of faith for me.)

We’ve celebrated an early Christmas because we’re together and then we will 1 by 1 & 2 by 2 scatter in different directions. One is being deployed overseas and that’s a unique kind of hug. And we are grateful for the see ya laters.

We’re grateful! Content. Happy. And sad. Looking forward. And back.

Our young people have blessed us by their generosity of time, cooperation and respect. Their respect for and consideration of others is a gift no one can buy. They are evidence of God’s molding and shaping through the efforts of flawed minds and hearts.

Thank you for coming. Thank you for giving. Thank you for making memories. Thank you for receiving our invitation to repair and restore together.

Jesus, may we laugh much and bare teeth little. Would You allow us to see You in the midst of us? Amen.

And thank You for coming, Jesus! Thank You for receiving my invitation to spend a week with our family. Thank You for being the Salt for our feasting. Thank You for being the Light for our gathering times. Thank You for being the firm foundation for our unsteady feet.

Thank You for being the love filling the room and lightening our hearts.

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,