And then…

And then there were just two.
There’s always a dull ache in my heart. A small lump in my throat. A stinging behind my eyes…
When it’s time to say goodbye to the seeds and their families.

My hugs are tighter than necessary because I am trying to make an imprint of them on my heart. The kind of imprint that will last until next time.

I say “I love you” too many times because one more is always good. You know! Just in case they didn’t hear me the other 5 times.

I always say dumb mom things that grown ups already know. Like. “Be safe.” And, “Let us know when you get home.”

I wave again and again and don’t turn away until they round the corner so they know for sure that I am going to miss their presence.

It’s time to part. Everyone has had enough of up close and need some personal space. We all know it, and recognize that this is how it is meant to be.

The memories are good, and even if there was a moment that could be changed, I would not do it.

It’s the wobbly times. The emotional moments. The awkward. The daunting. The laughter. The competition. The noise and the silence. The YAY and the uh-oh… That make memories for a lifetime.

It’s all the emotions (whether we like them or not) that remind us of the only people on the planet who have the power to impact us so deeply.

Because, these are the only people we allow this close and love this much!

Eyes on Jesus… you’re shining!