Saturday Share: Brad Milford – Dry Bones Come Alive

NOTE to readers:  Yesterday I combined my Saturday Share post with day 7 of the 31-day writing challenge.  However, under the prompting of Holy Spirit, I am today (Sunday, 10/8) posting a separate Saturday Share featuring Brad’s story – Dear Elias: Dry Bones Come Alive.  Thank you to those of you who have reaffirmed to me and to Brad the importance of the message here – God’s grace is greater than our mistakes, problems, and heartaches.  Saturday Share – 10/8/17 – in its own post!  GO Brad… be used of God…


Today is day 7 {hold} of the 31-day writing challenge for sure, but it is also Saturday.  Probably the aspect of Eyes on Jesus and Shine I am most fond of is my Saturday Share segment.

It was God’s idea (so it’s the best idea) to offer a space for people I know to guest post their own testimony of truth, which God is teaching them right now in their current circumstances.

In this week’s edition of Saturday Share, my nephew, Brad Milford, has given me permission to share his recent blog post from Dear Elias.


As you read Brad’s story you’ll grasp the depth of meaning this picture holds.  Even when his daddy-hands were empty and he had no human way of thinking he would get to {hold} his son like this, he prayed and begged God and he chose forgiveness and asked others to pray for him and asked Elias’ mom to relent.  He didn’t give up.

When all was dark and empty Brad was {hold}ing onto what he knew was true.  Love is right and God is good.  Period.

Thanks, Brad for teaching me to {hold} to God with the hope of His good for me as well!


Dear Elias,

your mother came around.

I couldn’t believe it at first, it was almost if I was a little hesitant to grasp onto what iv been waiting so desperately for. Each time seeing you started to become reality, and 2 weeks later I’m walking you across town to the local coffee shop. Just me and you.

I want to tell you how much of a joy spending time with you these past few weeks has been. My heart melts when I see you, and I have never been more proud of you. Your walking, talking, running, swinging the bat, throwing the ball, it’s as if I’m living in a dream. I can’t express the healing that is taking place in my heart. Every moment I praise God that I can see your face, and every moment gets better.

There’s one thing that’s different about the now and the way I pictured this going. When I dreamed of this new beginning, I felt pain, I felt resentment, I felt regected. All those feelings are beginning to fade away. Your mother stepped out and calmed the storm. And as it quiets, so does my emotions. The voices that say “but she did this, or he did that”, those are being defeated by an act of faith strong enough to save a family from being ripped to shreds. Your mother, she’s growing into her glove that’s for sure.

She’s rewriting this story, and she’s giving you the best life she can. The circumstances of our family have changed quite a bit, and one thing gami has helped us see is that there are more reasons to me and your mother not being together than we can even imagine. God is good, he will always be good, and I praise him for what hes done to your mothers heart. I still love your mother, I always will. It’s an unconditional love, our grace God has given us to share with each other will prove that to you in due time. I’m so proud of you bug. I love you so much.



Click here to continue reading Brad’s Dear Elias blog.

Come Alive (Dry Bones) Lauren Daigle

Disclaimer:  Brad wrote this post I think because I asked him to do it.  He wrote it quickly and posted it without revisions.  This is truly a 5-minute post (probably typed out on his phone).  I purposely have not asked to clean it up or edit or change it in any way because his daddy- heart scribbled out quickly with all the text-style spelling and grammatical imperfections is absolutely precious!