Thank you, Mom and Dad, for choosing love and for dreaming big 60 years ago in the face of those who couldn’t see, and didn’t believe.

Thank you for taking giant steps of faith to venture far and wide believing that if we just stayed together life would be good. You have always exemplified perseverance. Even when it looked like there was no way, God was faithful. Thank you for walking through the way that He made.

Thanks for choosing life and commitment and hope for the future because by your example your children, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren are choosing these values too.

Because I know you well, I know you never thought you were doing anything grand, but history tells a different story. Somewhere in heaven Hebrews 11 continues to be written. I feel sure a line has already been written, “Now by faith, Gary & Patricia Milford served God and…”

Thank you for being you and you. You’re a true story of how love and commitment and stubborn grit by faith in Jesus can overcome every hardship.
You are SO LOVED!

Here’s to many more years of watching God at work, weeping with joy, whispering gratitude and telling of God’s goodness for the generations!

Eyes on Jesus… You’re shining!