Day 150-something. Eyes on Jesus. I think it’s a good thing that I’m losing track of how many days, and simply wanting to keep my eyes on Jesus.

I’m wanting Him more than I want out… Out of what? I want Jesus more than I want out of this year. More than I want out of a circumstance. More than I want someone else to change.

I’m {finally} learning to be content simply dwelling at His feet. I’m finally getting what it means to be a calm, quiet contented daughter at my Father’s feet.

Not perfect in waiting. Not lukewarm. Not without feelings. Not without concerns. Not dry of tears. Not medicated or slothful.

I’m still learning… I’m a slow learner. However, I’m learning. My walk is not perfected, yet I see my Father smiling. I see His delight in my willingness to keep trying. He encourages me… “You’re getting the hang of it, girl!”

“Getting the hang of what?”, you might wonder.

Getting the hang of trusting God’s goodness. Getting the hang of taking Jesus at His word because He IS The Word. Getting the hang of taking every complaint directly to my Counselor and my Advocate – Holy Spirit and  Jesus.

Believing. Seeing. Speaking. Trusting. Choosing… Calm and quiet like a weaned daughter at the feet of my Father. Psalm 131.

Come. Join me. There’s plenty of room here at His feet. This is a glorious place in which to dwell.

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,


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