Five Minute Friday: Turn

It’s Friday.  Turn.  It’s a choice today.  Will I let my eyes fearfully stare at the overwhelming stuff of life?  Will I glare at things I have no power to change?philippians 4.4 fmf.png

Or will I turn my eyes away from what is seen, but not understood with my limited perspective?  It’s a willful choice to make my eyes turn in faith believing God is bigger.

I choose today.   Eyes on Jesus and Shine.  Eyes on Jesus and Shine with His glory.

Eyes on Jesus and shine His Light in this dark world.  Be a reflector of His Light on the physical circumstances all around me.  Let His presence bring Peace and JOY.

Gaze upon Him, join your life with His, and JOY will come.  Your faces will glisten with glory.  You’ll never wear that shame-face again.  Psalm 34:5 tpt

This week Holy Spirit has been teaching me from the book of Philippians.  This is what I have gleaned while I’ve chewed on the words this week…

Rejoice, rejoice and press on…

How does one do this?  I’m honestly asking.  How does a finite person of limited power and ability choose not to look at the circumstances?  What will cause my eyes to turn to things above?

Simply choose Jesus.  Simply call on His name.  Jesus.  Jesus.  Jesus.FMF turn

I can’t do it in my own strength.  I listen for His voice.  The voice of my Shepherd tenderly calling my name.  That’s it.  It’s Him.  I want to look at Him.   My heart can’t help but look up when I hear Him call my name.

When my heart turns, my eyes follow.  I have to turn my eyes to Jesus.  Focus on Him.

Turn away from my circumstances.  And He will make me able.  Then when my eyes and my heart are settled on His presence with me, I rejoice.  And again I will rejoice!

I will press on…and I will fulfill my calling in the name of Jesus.

Finally, as my Shepherd trains my heart and my eyes to remain turned toward Him, I will win the prize.  For Jesus is the prize!


Is there something on which you’ve fixed your eyes?  Is it something in your circumstances over which you have no power to change?

Do you hear Jesus, your Good Shepherd calling your name?  Will you turn your eyes toward Him?

If you don’t think you can do it… ask Him.  He’ll help you.  Bow at His feet.  Let Him cup your chin and lift your gaze.  He’s calling your name.

Eyes on Jesus… you’re shining!




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Today I am joining Kate and her wonderful community of faith writers for some Five Minute Friday writing fun.  The word prompt for this week is {release}  If you’re in the least bit intrigued by this concept of writing five minutes on one word, come join us for the Five Minute Friday link up

All you have to do is ponder the word prompt, set your timer for 5:00, and start typing. When time’s up, publish and link up.  Really it’s ok that it’s not even Friday anymore.  Jump in with me.  Oh so simple!


13 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Turn

  1. I was recently wondering why I was having a hard time sensing the Lord’s presence. I was keeping up with Scripture reading and journaling. I was praying. But something was just…off. Then, it dawned on me. I needed to add in worship music. I love music, but I don’t automatically think of listening because I prefer podcasts. But there’s just something about a good song that helps get me oriented toward Him.

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    1. Oh yes! And I love scripture set to music. Singing helps me remember. Thank you for adding your current
      God story here, Marie!!
      You shine… Yes, you! 💝💝


  2. Yes. Words of Life.

    Turning my attention to Psalm 51:12 TPT this morning.
    “Let my passion for life be restored, tasting Joy in every breakthrough You bring to me. Hold me close to You with a willing spirit that obeys whatever You say.”

    Asking why I’m here. Sharing my journey honestly with Mary. But oh so want healing for both of us in many ways, as I sit in the beauty of this home. Everyone’s journey is important. Lord speak Your servant is listening.

    Got the 3rd flight yesterday. Surrendering and waiting on His purposes is a life lesson I need to apply in all of life.

    Respite for you friend. Seeing Holy Spirit hovering around you with moments of respite refreshment in your spirit, soul, and body.

    Prayer Alarm 😆❤️❣️🎹🎼Love you so,


    With joy and peace in believing…

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  3. It’s so important to turn our eyes away from the circumstances and on to God. And when it’s so hard, we can ask him and he will always help us. Thanks for reminding us to turn our eyes on Jesus. Blessings to you, Lisa! Thanks for sharing with us at the #LMMLinkup.

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    1. I had been commenting on those who shared with us at the #LMMLinkup and then I saw your post in my email. So when I read yours I automatically thanked you for sharing with us, in case you’re wondering what I meant. But that being said, we’d love to have you linkup with us. 🙂 Blessings to you!

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    2. Hi Gayl, I linked up quickly so I could find and remember your place. Thank you for sharing the opportunity. I registered with my email address.💞
      I will save your button and share following your guidelines in the future. 💝
      Thanks again for opening space for sharing our words.


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