FMF: How might I be intentional today?

This Five Minute Friday focus word is intentional.  My 5:00 timer is set and off we go!

When I think of the word intentional all I can think of initially is how far I fall short.  And then I choose to turn my eyes toward Jesus and realize He is the example of intentionality.

Father is the One who intentionally walked with His creation in the cool of the evening.  He talked with them and listened to their questions and delighted in their new discoveries.

Father is the One who gave away all the inheritance to the ungrateful son, watched him run off to fulfill his desire for pleasure, and still stood at the road watching for His son’s return.

Jesus is the One who stopped in a crowd to intentionally acknowledge the faith of the desperate one for whom His power went out to heal.

Father is the One who intentionally taught His son, Noah, to build a boat.  Father knew the rain, of which Noah knew nothing, would come to destroy all but those who would seek shelter in His provision.

Jesus intentionally called from the cross to His mother and to John so that she would be cared for while He intentionally went to make a place for her for eternity.

I have no shortage of examples in my Father, my Savior, and I count on Holy Spirit provision living in me to intentionally set my mind to focus on my next assignment of intentional love.

Eyes on Jesus… you’re shining!


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Wisdom from Kate Motaung regarding the intent of Five Minute Friday:  It’s really not about the quality — it’s about showing up. It’s about sitting down, setting the timer, and doing the work. It’s about the discipline and the practice of letting the words flow. It’s about releasing fears and embracing imperfection. And we do it together.

So, now that you know how simple this is and that it’s not about perfection – join us!  Set your timer with me. 5:00 and GO!

8 thoughts on “FMF: How might I be intentional today?

  1. Oh yes thank you for this reminder. I love His intentionality. So grateful. Want to be like Him as I listen for His ideas. Lead on Oh King eternal. Gracious and Kind. You are mentoring us.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for these great reminders! And, especially for pointing it back to Holy Spirit in us, Who will prompt us to be intentional with God’s love as well! Blessings on your weekend!

  3. Lisa, great thoughts! Jesus was intentional in all He said and did here on earth. And He’s still intentional in the ways He works in believers’ lives today. How amazing is it that all His intentions for us are for good?! Loved your insights today!

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