Rejoice. Wait. Repeat.

Have you ever waited long for something? For someone?

Have you ever kept going when it seemed there was no reason?


Why do we wait for something to happen? Why do we wait for reconciliation? Why do we keep going through the painful stuff of life?

I believe it is simply because we have all been designed by a loving, patient and good Maker in His very own image.

His imprint of life and hope and patience and perseverance to wait on His good plan is stamped within the fabric of our being.

And if we know Him personally, we are filled with His Spirit.

If we know Him we’re not simply the form of His image, we are filled with the fullness of His image and breath.

We’re not just a sailboat adrift on the water, but a sailboat with sails full of the power of wind!

So, why be joyful in hope?

Because Jesus is our hope.
He is worthy of our rejoicing.

Why should I be patient in tribulation?

Because Jesus is our patience and perseverance in tribulation. He is worthy of our waiting.

Why should I continue to pray when I have no energy left to speak?

Because Jesus is our prayer and our answer.  He is worthy of our faithfulness to keep seeking and knocking and conversing with Him.

The best prayer is this …

“Jesus, help!”

When I surrender all my good ideas and my timing and my definition of success, Jesus meets me there with hope.

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord.
Proverbs 21:30

He wraps His peace around me. Then He sits with me while I drink my coffee. Or He works with me in the shop. And then He walks the dogs with me.

When I put my eyes on Him, I see that He has a future in mind. I see hope. His presence fills me with peace that the future belongs to Him and I don’t need to worry about it.

Rejoicing, patience and faithfulness become the fruit of simply remembering who I am and Who He is. Remembering to call on His name causes me to look up. And then release the burdens in His presence.

Ah, yes! Rejoice. Wait. Repeat.

Eyes on Jesus… You’re shining!