I Rather be Stirred, and Not Shaken.

Are you feeling shaken?

I imagine most people are feeling a bit rattled and undone at some level. If 2020 was the earthquake, 2021 is the aftershock. Although I think we could all agree that we’d like to put the fear and anguish of the past year behind us, the reverbations seem to jolt us awake again and again.

As followers of Christ, we really shouldn’t be surprised. We’ve been warned. We should be prepared. We should have been living on alert.

Unfortunately for the Church, the stirring of the last couple of decades hasn’t resulted in a people of God fully awake and ready for action. At least not the American Church. And so now, the Bridegroom is allowing His nearly comatose bride to be shaken for her own good.

On Christmas morning when our children were young, one wanted to sleep a little longer while the other had been awake most of the night waiting for the sun to rise. Stirring wasn’t going to achieve the necessary results. No one was going down the stairs to see the great surprise of Christmas until everyone was awake and moving. Therefore, the alert and fully stoked brother felt completely justified to shake the sleeper into consciousness and action.

There’s a GREAT surprise awaiting us.

Okay, so some of us are sleepers and awaken slowly. That’s me. I wholeheartedly admit that it takes me awhile to recognize a new day has dawned. About 3 cups of strong java later, I’m ready to move. However, there’s an exception to my rule; when I am vacationing at the beach I don’t need an alarm to catch the sunrise. Anticipation of something amazingly good on the horizon charges my senses and sleep just isn’t quite as important as watching and waiting!

The shaking we’re experiencing is essential. I prefer to be stirred to action, and I imagine I am not alone. And yet, we humans, especially those of us in America, have a tendency to get really comfortable and complacent. Isn’t it the kindness and patience of God that He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get our attention?

Awake, awake! Arise and shine!

Let’s turn our gaze upon Jesus. It’s time to tune our ears to His voice. Jesus, our elder brother with whom we are co-heirs of God’s glorious inheritance wants us to not miss the most exciting days of our lives. He’s asking us to trust Him for the grand surprise that is beyond our wildest imagination. He has goodness ahead for us, and He doesn’t want us to sleep through it.

Wake up! Wake up! Arise and shine! Get ready to receive the goodness of the Lord. Get up and get ready to be wowed out of your socks.

With Jesus as our Advocate, we don’t have to fear being shaken because His purposes are for our good. The Bridegroom is awakening His Bride. He’s whispering in her ears – “Awake, awake! Arise and shine!”

Family of God, it’s time to get ready for the most exciting, glorious days in which to be alive on planet Earth. The wedding is happening. The banquet tables are being prepared. It’s time, Bride of Christ, to be shaken if necessary. However, let us allow His shaking to create a stirring in our spirit. Let our spiritual alertness stir our senses and our physical bodies to action.

Indeed, I rather be stirred than shaken, but now that I’m experiencing the ongoing reverberations I get to choose my response. I choose to look up at Jesus. I choose to soak my thoughts in His words. I choose to anchor my hopeful anticipation of good to His promises. I choose to talk to Him about everything I feel and trust His ability to handle it all.

Watching. I’m alert. I’m ready to move as He moves.

Weeping. The kindness of the Lord to get my attention brings tears. His desire to have every person accept His sacrificial gift of forgiveness and life causes me to weep.

Whispering. I’m daily grateful that I get to participate with Jesus in His love. I’m thankful that He has awakened me to participate in His great harvest. Whispering gratitude as I receive my invitation to the grand banquet table at the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,



Would you rather be stirred than shaken?

If you feel shaken, how do you feel about God allowing it? What is your response to Him?

Would you like to write Jesus a letter indicating all your concerns? Would you be willing to read His letter to you in response?

How about each day for the next month write in a journal…

1. Specific ways you see God moving in your life.
2. Feelings about the things being shaken loose from your life.
3. Your gratitude toward God for His kindness to you
4. How you feel stirred to action.
5. Exciting aspects of being alive in 2020-21.

Add your name to the comments if you want me to pray for you in the shaking. I bless you to come awake. Live alert. Anticipate the goodness of the Lord in these days.

2 thoughts on “I Rather be Stirred, and Not Shaken.

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Oh, Amen, I echo your thoughts here. A few months ago, I had a dream where a friend and I were in a large seminar with Believers, but everyone was asleep. So we started shouting for everyone to wake up! How amazing that so many of us are sensing this same urgency, this shaking of His world–but of His church first. May we let Him purify us, and be stirred to call others to come and look up for His coming!

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