A Song Pours Forth

January 17, 2019 That day seems long ago and far away. However this week as hurricane Dorian has made a painfully slow crawl up the coast of Florida, I’ve taken time to remember this day of adventure.

A gorgeously sunny and warm January day I awoke early full of anticipation and ready to reap the bounty of my favorite birthday gift ~ a trip to the beach. I simply could not resist the temptation to rent a bicycle and explore Fort Clinch, though it meant going alone.

My preference would have been that my dear man would come along. Together we could ride and explore along the coastal bike trails. I would have rather enjoyed the view of the tree canopies with him and stopped along the way for lunch. Selfies would have been more beautiful and fun if he were with me attempting to “help” the process.

Yet, I’ve had to choose to accept that balance issues and dexterity complications from Parkinson’s Disease have made my preferences, at times, just too much for him. Grateful is what I chose instead. Grateful that we ever get to travel together.

And so, on January 17, 2019, I rented a lone bicycle and set out on a two hour island bike tour. Again and again, I resisted the temptation to feel alone as I peddled down the bike trail. I determinedly turned my attention to Jesus. Remembering the words I frequently tell others, I made a decision to put my eyes on Jesus and shine.

As I peddled I spoke out thankful words. Whatever goodness came to mind I spoke those words aloud. I prayed with a whisper voice the verse my Heavenly Father has year after year taught me to pray…

“I give thanks to You, God, for You are good and Your steadfast love endures forever.”

Suddenly, my loneliness dissipated. My sadness and feelings of lack were being stamped out with every peddle stroke and replenished with joy and peace by every word of gratitude.

I even laughed out loud a couple of times as I passed cars with drivers honking horns or doing a double take at the silly woman riding the bike and talking to herself. I’m sure they wondered why I was so delighted and happy with myself!

As I rode through the tree lined and canopied streets of Fort Clinch park, I began to thank my Heavenly Father for making such beauty. I knew I had been given an incredibly generous birthday gift, and I wanted to let my cup runneth over with thanksgiving. Fixated on making this adventure the fullest I could possibly imagine, I veered right when I saw a sign for an off road bike trail.


Now, I’ve not ever participated in mountain biking. Nor do I have much experience with anything remotely off road. After passing a sign reminding me to beware of sleeping alligators near the marsh, and practically launching myself across the handle bars the first time the front wheel hit a giant tree root, I started to wonder if I had chosen too large a cup for my overflowing enjoyment.

The ongoing conversation I was having with Father began to take a different route as I voiced my skepticism of whether a 56 year old inexperienced in trail biking woman should be alone off this beaten path. I stopped. Looked back along the trail I had already traversed. Then peering to the left realized I was hemmed in by the marsh and then to the right deep woods, I decided forward was the only way for me.

The hoodie had to go. I was working up quite a glow, and having a blast. Before I knew it I arrived at a fork in the road to which a right hand turn would lead me back to the main road. I checked and all the bike and body parts were still in tact.

Truly this was an amazing adventure. Arriving at the old fort on the coast, I slowly walked the bike to a sweet beach rest area. The leisurely snack break and accompanying view was just what I needed to fortify myself for the return trip.

Checking in with my good man, I started to pedal the bicycle on the road out of the park. Once again I let every one of my senses rejoice in the tree canopied landscape with all the creatures big and small. The taste of salt air was breathing into my lungs and I thanked my Father for His natural cleansing and healing agents.

Suddenly as the sun poured through a hole in the canopy and burned hot on my face, the recognition of God’s presence became a song which formed in my brain and sang out of my mouth.

I am a child of God.

I am a child of The King.

I am a child of The Master.

And He says, “Together we can do anything.”

I am a child of The Warrior.

I am a child of Good Shepherd.

I am a child of The Savior.

And He says, “Come with Me; and together we will serve.”

In everything give thanks. And in everything you do; do it all for Him.

I’m the child of Good Father.

I’m the child of The Counselor.

I’m the child of The Healer.

And He says, “Through Me, child, you’re made whole.”

In everything give thanks. And in everything you do; do it all for Him.

In everything give praise to God.

Give praise to The King…to The Master…The Warrior…Good Shepherd…Savior.

I am His child and He wants me.

I am His child and He cares for me.

I am His child and I am NEVER EVER alone!

I pray for all of us who find ourselves with loved ones in situations we wish were different…

  • to turn our eyes to Jesus
  • choose grateful thoughts
  • allow thankful words to whisper from our lips
  • purposefully take the first step on the adventure

And then look back often to remember and sing and tell others what we know that we know that we know…

We’ve NEVER EVER been alone!

6 thoughts on “A Song Pours Forth

  1. Thank you for these precious words, Lisa. Even as I am the one who lingers behind now, not being able to go out with my husband like I used to. And yet, your words brought such joy in seeing that the adventure continues, even in the staying. HE is still calling me deeper along His path. It’s different than I would have thought, but we are still with Him. Blessings and prayers for you and your Dear Man.

    1. Awww, Bettie, thank you for participating in this conversation from your side of the fence. There’s so much for all of us to learn on this life journey. I’m grateful for you and all I’ve learned from you as I’ve watched you rejoice through tears and pain. Bless you friend to know the supernatural peace and comfort of our heavenly Father.

  2. These words are a sweet gift from God this morning as I woke up sad thinking about my dear husband. He talked to me frankly last night about how frail and tied he feels. I don’t want to be alone without him. But the Lord reminds me I won’t be alone and has even given me a song through you about not being alone because He is always with me. He gives sparkles of joy along the way.

    1. Oh dear friend, thank you for letting me know of your dear husband’s feelings and thoughts. I will ask Jesus for grace, mercy, peace and even JOY amid weakness. Bless you, friend, as you sing a song of love to Jesus!!

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