Open Door Prayers

For a number of years now my husband and I have found ourselves detoured from our planned life course. We, like most people who set out on a journey, had a destination in mind, made plans, and got moving. No one anticipates the storms and pitfalls which have a way of taking us off course.

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Maybe, just maybe, you too have found yourself suddenly in a place of life that’s utterly beyond your ability to comprehend or explain. Have you ever found yourself asking, “How did I get here?” Perhaps you are feeling a bit stranded right this very moment. Good news, you’re not alone! You might be off-course, but you’re not alone!

“Lord Jesus, please show us a light on the path to the door You have for us to find. Amen.”

I wonder if you have ever asked Jesus for an open door as you’ve wandered uncharted territory? We know, my husband and I, we are not the only people who have suddenly found themselves on a trajectory they never expected and hadn’t seen coming. We all wonder, out loud at times, if we could just learn the values the detour intends to teach, find the open door and quickly get back on the path to our destination.

So, what have we learned so far regarding these sincere ‘open door prayers’?

Watch your nose, your fingers and toes!

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In the ongoing process of finding the open door on the path where The Light is shining, wrong doors have to close. When those doors close as a protection and a reminder to keep moving forward, they can close with some significant force. If a nose is lingering too close to the doorway while the eyes continue to gaze upon the tempting pathway, the slammed door is going to leave a mark.

Though our sons are men and gone from our empty nest, we all still call out for an all-clear before slamming car doors.

Hard lessons linger long like a scar!

One memorable spring break, we were headed early morning to Port Canaveral. The first-time cruise experience with our two sons was going to be a blast! So, no time to waste, we scurried about loading our bags in the rear of our SUV. Dad reached up to the handle and began to push when our oldest son last second decided to reach in for one forgotten item of interest.

The fingers and the slamming hatch were colliding all in one swift motion. There were screams from all sides as we tried to avoid a catastrophe in the middle of our journey to paradise. The son high jumped straight in the air with his finger throbbing while bright red immediately turned to purple. Dad felt awful. But, the ship would not wait.

With a bag of ice and full dose of Tylenol we made our way to our adventure. Everyone had a fantastic cruise experience. Yet our memories forever include this National Lampoon type family vacation moment, and ask our son, it was painful!

We all learned to watch nose, fingers and toes when the door is slamming closed.

I don’t know where you’re wandering today or how long you might have been adrift on the open ocean. I couldn’t possibly understand how many pleas you’ve made for a rescue.

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What do I know…

I know for sure that your location finder is on (as is ours) and the One Who designed you has His eyes on you. The Author of your faith and The Perfecter of your story is in the wandering with us. He rides every wave. And He hears our every cry for help.

I know a day will come when we will look back with clear vision to recognize The Light on the path which led us all the way through the open door safely HOME.

May I pray for you to persevere? May I encourage you to watch your nose, your fingers and your toes when the wrong doors slam closed? And may I also remind myself, as well as you, that those slamming doors are a beautiful answer to our sincere ‘open door’ prayers?

Psalm 139, Hebrews 12:2, Deuteronomy 31:8, 1 John 5:14

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  1. Love this so much. So so affirming of the path God has had me taking to grow in truth and grace. Thank you, Lisa, for this beautiful visual encouragement.

    1. Thank you, Anna, for stopping in to read and visit. I love it when our Father uses simple things in our lives to teach us about His love and character. I’m so glad to know you were encouraged. =)

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