Book Review: Why I hate green beans

I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Lincee Ray.  I actually like green beans so she and I disagree there, but otherwise, I found myself nodding along in agreement.  Lincee’s writing style is humorous and down to earth.  She comes across as real and vulnerable.  Each time I sat down to read another chapter I felt as if she and I could talk for hours in a coffee shop.

Of course some of what I love the most about Why I hate green beans is the honest and vulnerable portrayal of real-life angst common to young girls/women in our American culture.  I laughed out loud on a number of occasions remembering the popular hairstyles and clothing trends of the 80’s and 90’s.  And my heart smiled as Lincee mentioned specific landmarks familiar to all who have ever called Florida ‘home’.

One of many favorite quotes:

“I also need to recognize that my perception of my physical exterior has always been an unstable nerve Satan likes to toy with on a regular basis.”

Primarily I appreciated the way Lincee discussed some really difficult subject areas common to women who are seeking to live a purposeful life for Christ.  In this world relationships are hard, career is hard and maintaining a balanced perspective on inward and outward beauty is hard.  However, Lincee navigated the various topics of life as a Christ-following single career woman with a healthy balance of truth and humor.

Another favorite quote:

“I am definitely a work in progress, and I am constantly rewiring my heart so I don’t rely on approval from my friends, Batman, hot doctors, my editors, my readers, the Dallas Cowboys, and imaginary future husband, my parents, the community of Hallsville, or social media.  I know I won’t find peace from the image in teh mirror, a number on the scale, hits on my website, clicks from posts, the amount in my bank account, the American Girl doll store or green beans.

My identity is in Christ”

I’m so glad I selected Why I hate green beans even though I really like green beans.  With all the ugly, bad and stressful news blasting my awareness these days, it was really good to read and remember and relate and laugh with Lincee.  I have already and will continue to recommend Why I hate green beans to all my friends seeking a light-hearted and meaningful read.

Choose green beans.  You’ll be glad you did!

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Why I hate green beans

  1. Oh my, Lincee is almost a neighbor to me. I say that with a bit of exaggeration. I live south of Tyler, TX. Hallsville is north and east of Tyler. One of my dearest friends and coworkers from my nursing days lives in that community. I must read “Why I Hate Green Beans.”

    1. Phyllis, yay!! I’m so excited to read your comment. I feel like I naturally read Lincee’s book with a Texas accent. She is so fun!

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