Saturday Share: Chuck Graham – Great with Encouragement

Chuck GrahamIn this segment of Saturday Share, I’d like to introduce Chuck Graham.  He is the founder of a thriving encouragement ministry under the umbrella of CILOA – Christ is Lord of All.  First and foremost, he is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, as well as husband, father and devoted grandfather.  Great to mention… he’s a published author.

I own and have enjoyed reading two of Chuck’s books. A Year of Encouragement is a compilation of stories previously published in CILOA’s weekly email subscription – Notes of Encouragement, which encourages faithful readers around the globe (literally).

Notes of Encouragement are written by Chuck and a handsome assortment of encouraging and creative contributing authors.  Go ahead and sign up for your subscription and start being encouraged this week.

The Company

The Company – A Parable for Our Time is the first of Chuck Graham’s trilogy.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Company, and I am anxiously awaiting publication of the second book.

How did I meet Chuck?

Seven-ish years ago, my life felt mostly out of control and spiritually parched.  I had been crying out to the Lord for many months to teach me the meaning of the abundant life Jesus said He came to give.  I read the words in John 10:10.  This promise was on the page in black type on white paper.  I didn’t have abundant life – LIFE to the full, but if Jesus was truly offering then I wanted it.  And I asked for it.

I (Jesus) came that they may have life and have it abundantly.  John 10:10

As I sought Jesus for healing in deep places I found a love for writing.  Through the pursuit of writing, I learned about blogging.  I found freedom in sharing my journey out of the desert and walking toward abundant life in Christ.  Equally thrilling were the occasional responses of a few friends and blog followers who had been encouraged by one of my blog posts.

Through shared friends, I was encouraged to submit one of my short stories to CILOA through Chuck.  I wasn’t sure if I qualified as an author of a Note.  Truly I had no confidence in my writing ability.  True to Chuck’s mission, he encouraged me to keep writing.  He was willing, a time or two, to give me the gift of time to meet with me over a cup of coffee and offer advice and writing tools.

What makes Chuck GREAT with encouragement?

Chuck was willing to accept my first story raw.  As a teaching tool, Chuck personally edited my story, sharing the edits along with the reasons for each change. Through Chuck’s tutelage and encouragement to just keep writing I have grown as a writer.

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,”  Hebrews 3:13

Much of our correspondence was accomplished by email.  Each and every communication opened with the salutation – Great!  Somehow even if he was sending me a page full of edits I felt like I was doing a ‘great’ job of learning.  I was continually encouraged and just kept writing and learning.

A Year of Encouragement

Over the years Chuck has honored me with the opportunity to contribute Notes, and I am overjoyed with the privilege to participate.  It is because of the multiple times and the various ways Chuck and the CILOA community have been an encouragement to me and my family, I have chosen Chuck Graham for this week’s Saturday Share.

Please take a few moments to click over to the CILOA website to explore the history of this much-needed ministry, and get to know the heart of CILOA – Chuck Graham.  As you click around the website you’ll find the many opportunities CILOA offers to the body of Christ for the encouragement of the body.

Thank you, Chuck Graham!  You’re GREAT with encouragement!!

Click here to purchase a copy of The Company on

Note: I receive no financial benefit from your purchase, from CILOA, Chuck Graham or  I simply want to give back by promoting and encouraging a friend as he continues to promote and encourage me.

Perhaps you have a note of encouragement to contribute?  Check out CILOA’s website here to find out how to participate.

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  1. Thanks, Lisa! Always enjoy your blog and the notes you share with Ciloa!

    1. Beverly, thank you for spending some time over here at Eyes on Jesus and Shine. I know you are a wonderful encouragement and help to your husband. I bless you all with feasting on JOY in Jesus as you encourage many around the globe! Still looking for our beach trip to last until we can’t stand it anymore. I love you!!

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