Self, what do you love to collect?

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This has been a word to ponder for several days before writing anything.  Normally I would have joined the link up, but not this week.  This has been a personal exercise, and the prize has been in the pondering such an amazing concept and asking myself an inspirational question.

 Self, what do you love to collect?

So ready or not – set the timer for five and here I go…


Self, what do you collect?

I collect seashells at the beach… and sand dollars.  I collect pictures of people and pets I love… and the special events in life.


However, a house is only so big and there are only so many places to collect shells and pictures and things that mostly collect dust…. not something I am fond of collecting!

On our latest trip to the beach, my dear suntanned feet man counseled, “Remember we don’t have room for buckets of seashells in our suitcase since we are flying home.”  Yes, the restrictions of suitcases and flying versus packing the car to the top with more shells to carry home.

Well, that set me to thinking of a new way to collect.  Collect them in my hands…the various shapes and sizes and colors and then put them back for someone else to collect later on.

Stop… the five-minute buzzer.

Carrying the pondering on beyond the five minutes…

Self, what DO you love to collect?

Self, what do you collect shells

Truth check –  I did honestly sneak home a few shells of various shapes and sizes and colors, which fit neatly in my make up bag.  And as I pulled them out and turned them over and over in my hand, they reminded me of all the people we met while we were at the beach.  They reminded me of the variety of nationalities and life experience and shapes and colors and stories shared along the shoreline of the clear green spa-warmth of the southern Gulf of Mexico.

bird at Gulf

One reminds me of the family enjoying a reunion.  We were able to take their group photos for them.  Another reminds me of the family from New Jersey who had never seen a live sand dollar or starfish.  I got to be a part of their discovery of God’s amazing creation along the ocean floor.

Others remind me of the white-headed children from Germany splashing in the waves. We spoke the same smile language!  Lastly, there are the two shells reminding me of the couple on holiday from England.  She validated the correctness of the spelling of our last name according to our English roots.

Lovely – this beautiful collection of memories and stories.


Self, there’s your answer!  What do you love to collect?  You love to collect memories of people you meet along life’s journey and their stories.

Indeed… oh, indeed, I do!


  1. What do you love to collect?
  2. As you walk with Jesus further down the road, have you found that you desire to collect less of the tangible and more of the intangible?
  3. What does Holy Spirit want you to know about your collections?  Will you ask Him for wisdom?  (I am asking for His wisdom on what to keep and what to let go.

Thank you for stopping by to share this moment in time.  I bless you, friend, to #feastonjoy on your journey with Jesus.


This post is written in conjunction with the Five Minute Friday community led by Kate Motaung.  Each week Kate discloses a word prompt and all who want to participate set a timer for five minutes and write.  To stay true to the original intent of the five-minute free write, I use great self-control to stop typing at the five-minute buzzer and resist the temptation to go back and edit.  This is a fantastic writing exercise, which challenges me greatly – a recovering perfectionist!



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  1. Memories are good to collect, especially if we keep the good ones at the forefront of our minds and allow Christ to give us perspective on the bad. They are like photos we always carry with us. Thanks for sharing!

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