Five Minute Friday: Steady

Friends, this post, Steady, is written in conjunction with the five minute friday community.  Our leader, Kate Motaung, chooses a word (a theme for our writing), we set our timers for five minutes, and then we write.  The original intent was to write (just five minutes) on the theme word for the week without edits or corrections.  So here we go…


coffee anchor

Steady. Steady as she goes. Steady Eddie.

These are all the words which initially ran through my thinking as I saw the five minute friday word for this week. Steady…

Well, my life has been anything, but steady over the last 3 or 4 years.  Actually, as I think about that statement I’m not sure my life has ever been steady.  Is life even supposed to be steady?

I’m thinking of a friend of mine, sweet Ruthie, who reminds me often that a straightline on a heart monitor means you’re dead.

So, maybe I am glad that my life hasn’t (probably never has) been steady.  At first glance, steady sounds good.  Even keel.  But then again where’s the fun in that.

Steady (in terms of even keel) would negate fun things like roller coasters and waves and see saws and swings and cartwheels.

Steady is not my life, but steady is my God.  Steady as a rock is another phrase that comes to mind, and He is Jesus.  Jesus is my Rock. My Foundation.  The Stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?  (Psalm 27)