Saturday Share with Anna Smit

One way He has been doing that in this past year has been through a Titus 2 woman on the other side of the world. A Grandma of faith who has learnt through deep wounding of her own, how to open her palms and release basket after basket. This woman has taught me that there is Strength to be found in confessing my pride, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness. In repenting before my sisters and brothers in Christ.

Saturday Share: Randy Brittain, SunTanned Feet Man

Who is Randy Brittain? He is my husband of 29 years, best friend, and lifelong partner on our zig-zagging, adventurous journey with Jesus!  He's also one of the most intelligent people I know, father of our two robust seeds and successful manager over our homestead.  He comes equipped with a generous heart, which he protects with … Continue reading Saturday Share: Randy Brittain, SunTanned Feet Man