Tag with Care

Because I tag a post with this caring emoji doesn't mean I agree or disagree. It means I care about the person, and the people referenced. It means I care about their thoughts and emotions and affirm their right to express their own views and opinions. It means I value relationship and am open to conversation whether I agree or disagree. It means I care and has nothing to do with agree or disagree.

I 💖 this emoji on Facebook. It’s a great choice for promoting conversation and relationship in an environment rich with disagreement.

Relationship has never been synonymous with identical. Many marriages are enriched by the spice of variety. Most of the parents in my circle of influence describe their children – as different as night and day.

Opposites attract. If two people are exactly alike, one is unnecessary. We compliment each other. Where one is weak, the other is strong. Two are better than one. Iron sharpens iron!

Maybe I’m unusual, or maybe I just don’t understand my enneagram number, but I thoroughly enjoy conversations with people who don’t think like me.

Just recently, my husband and I flew commercial between the east and west coasts. I enjoyed friendly conversation with everyone who sat in my row. Three of four legs involved simple chit chat.

One man was traveling to meet up with his daughter who is currently serving in our military. Another young man was headed home.

Then there was the sacrificial step dad who was flying roundtrip in a day to see his step son safely reunited with his dad.

But then there was the flight that started late, and then became delayed further due to weather. The 30 minute puddle jumper became a full hour plus. My row partner and I talked the entire time because she had a lot on her mind.

Let me just summarize by stating this dear woman was quite free with her opinions. Additionally, she had no problem asking for my opinions on all the taboo social topics. It is an understatement to say that I thoroughly enjoyed sitting next and conversing with this vivacious personality.

I still remember her name. I can still chuckle out loud as I remember some of the very personal information exchanged with a stranger. Even though, we didn’t agree on many topics, she was my favorite flight mate.

So, thank you, Facebook, for the care emoji. I hope to let many people know that I care about them as a person, and affirm their right to express their thoughts. Caring means caring, and that doesn’t have to declare agreement or disagreement.

Eyes on Jesus… You’re shining 🌟