Want out?

The only way out is through…

I know. That’s not the news you wanted to read.

Believe me. I’ve tried to go around or over or anything but through the middle of most of the hard things in my life.

I’ve had big eyes and big dreams for all of my life. I’ve signed up for huge challenges, but ultimately, when I realized in the middle that I might just fail I wanted to bail.

My Dad recognized this in me and at a very pivotal time in my life spoke directly to my fear.

I was a junior at Florida State University (go Noles!) My major was accounting, which I was thoroughly enjoying. I felt like the numbers balancing evenly on both the left and right side fit me to a tee.

But then I found myself in the middle of the Intermediate Accounting class otherwise known as ‘the weed out’ class. For the first time in college I could see myself failing a class. My grade at midterm was a solid C- and I wanted to …

Stop the pain. Remove the fear. Avoid failure. Change my major.

I did something unprecedented at that point. I called home. My Dad answered the phone. I told him all about my current plight. He listened.

I explained that I must not be smart enough to be an accountant. I gave him my plan to change my major to something more manageable. And he listened.

At the end of all my words, my Dad spoke up. I listened.

He said, “I didn’t raise you to be a quitter.”

It was the kick in the pants I needed. But he didn’t leave me with a kick. He hugged me through the phone with this…

He asked, “What’s the worst thing that can happen if you keep going?” I admitted my greatest fear. I could fail.

His response was this, “And I will still love you and you can try again.”

In that exchange, it was settled. I was convinced that the way out was to go through. I couldn’t lose. I could fail the class and have to do it over, but I wouldn’t lose my dad’s love.

I dug in and studied like never before. I worked hard and struggled through. I passed the class with a solid C. This was my worst grade of my four years, and it’s the grade of which I’m most proud.

I wonder. What are you facing and you just want out?

May I encourage you to call home? Talk to your heavenly Father. Tell Him all your feelings, thoughts and plans. He will listen.

Then listen to Him as He tells you He didn’t create you to be a quitter. Listen as He calls you to follow Him through. He’ll hold your hand and lead you all the way to the other side.

You might fall down. You might have to do a do over. But you can’t lose. He will always love you!

The only way out is through!!