Born for This

Today, I’m sharing a moment with Nahum. He is not a popular read; however, what I know about Nahum is that he was born specifically for his time on Earth. Nahum is a shining part of the great cloud of witnesses, I feel sure of it. {Hebrews 12:1}

Nahum, a man considered a minor prophet, but only by men. Oh, did he live in a wicked time.

Have you ever read Nahum? He wrote about the fall of a wicked kingdom, of oppressors and bloodthirsty rulers. He wrote of the good news that God does not take lightly the shedding of innocent blood.

Nahum. He knew what it meant to trust God. To shelter under God’s goodness in times of trouble. He lived it. Nahum stood on God’s side.

His instruction pamphlet on how to live well in troubling and dangerous times was an important read in his day. It seems to me, Nahum has some sage advice for us in 2020 as well.

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In uncertain times, those of us who are called by the name of Jesus Christ, must herald good news. We must learn to calm and quiet ourselves because our trust and faith is in God Almighty rather than man or science or government.

We must be the light shining and the voice calling out the way to salvation. We must declare the good news of Jesus. We must be the ones who run into danger and care for those who are wounded and lost.

We who are the blood-bought children of God must be salty. We must be bold for sure, but our love must be even more bold than our speech. Our eyes must be turned toward Jesus with our gaze fixed on Him. Our hearts must be tuned to the sound of His voice.

We must be fitted with His armor. The armor He made specifically for you and me to wear as we head out into the world. {Ephesians 6}

Voices from all sides shout, “It’s dangerous out there! Stay in and stay safe!!” Nowhere in the New Testament of the Holy Bible do I read that Jesus commanded us to stay in and stay safe, except for the loving admonition to stay in Him.

In fact, Jesus told His followers the absolute truth. He warned us that we would have trouble in this world if we wear His name, serve Him, and carry His cross. He informed us that we have an enemy, that we would face many trials, and that we should be ready to walk with Him through the valley of the shadow of death for the sake of making His name famous. Jesus told His followers to count the cost. Finally, Jesus commanded us to go and to be His witnesses around the world.

So, why must we live counter-culture? We could never repay Christ for His redemption. Yet, we do have the honor and the privilege of representing Christ as His witnesses. The marching orders have been issued, and we are His soldiers deployed on the Earth to spread God’s Good News message of resurrection life for all who will receive.

In the historical records, my name won’t be great. No one will read of my adventurous exploits in the name of Jesus. My name won’t become a book nor a movie. None of that matters because I am known by God in Heaven. If one day I should meet even one person in Heaven who would say that I introduced him or her to Jesus my minor life will have counted for much.

I am His and He is mine. The Living Word of God tells me that I am His daughter sealed by His Holy Spirit. The opinion that we are living in extraordinarily wicked and volatile times seems to be shared by most in my circles. My Savior is worthy of calling me up, and I will obey His call.

For such a time as this, I was created in the image of God. Born for adventure, my Creator designed me. Extremely honored am I to get to live salty, exemplifying bold love in a dark and dangerous world. I won’t stay in and stay safe. Like Nahum, I was born for more!


1. Have you spent a concentrated time recently examining the idea that you were meant to live on planet Earth for such a time as this? Would you be willing to schedule a dedicated time this week to ponder your place in history?

2. What questions do you have for Jesus a) regarding our world? b) His call on your life? How about scheduling a lunch date with Jesus so you can enjoy a lengthy conversation with Him?

3. Have you ever counted the costs of following Jesus through the darkest valley? Are there aspects of your spiritual maturity that you would like to dedicate to God’s transformational power?

4. Will you take time daily over the next 21 days to write a short note to Jesus thanking Him for the places you witnessed His presence? Then will you take time to listen to His heart for you in those moments? Will you receive His care and love for you?

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,


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  1. Thank you! Exactly what I needed to hear and ponder! I have come to Florida to help my sister for several weeks. This morning I was starting to ask myself what was I thinking. I needed your bold challenge. I hope you and Randy are doing well. John continues to work at home and we are thankful he has a job. Andrew’s apartment lease ended in Tuscaloosa so he is living with us. He has some classes left to finish to get his degree. Thankfully he can take them all online. I have been leading a precept zoom Biblestudy this summer. It has been interesting to see the group of women from all over the US – strangers but drawn together to study God’s word. I posted it to the precept website and the Lord just kept bringing people. We have 18 right now. I have been praying and I am going to continue this fall – there maybe less people as churches reopen – we will see. 💕 Marion


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