Consistently Pondering

The #31days2019 writing challenge has been quite an interesting adventure. I’ve participated in this annual October event for a number of years, and not one year has been like another. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s part of the draw for me.

What’s unusual about this year is that I’ve given myself a whole lot of freedom and grace. While I have daily pondered the one word, I have not daily posted to my blog site. Most days I’ve written at least five minutes in my mind. Some days I’ve journaled about the one word. Then when I have posted, it’s because I felt a strong prompting to share the message.

In short, I have felt compelled during these October days to spend more time in prayer, searching scriptures that connect with the day’s word and listen. Listen for the lessons Holy Spirit wants to highlight.

My goal this year is to grow. I want to be teachable. I’m asking for refinement. Seeking to have no bitter root grow up in my heart.

Has it been easy for me to receive grace and freedom from myself?

Absolutely not! Posting only occasionally in a 31 day challenge feels like I should receive a grade of incomplete at best. Realistically, if at the end of October I’ve only posted half the days I should fail the course.

However, the heart work of remaining consistent with the daily pondering adds far greater value to my faith walk. And denying myself the fear of man might be a more important challenge than daily posting proof of my work.

I know that you delight to set your truth deep in my spirit. So come into the hidden places of my heart and teach me wisdom.
Psalms 51:6 TPT

Consistent. I’m not perfectly consistent with spiritual disciplines of one particular sort. Simply consistent am I in wanting to see and hear Jesus interactive in my life today.

Consistent. Father. Jesus. Holy Spirit. Perfectly consistent. And I want to be enrolled in my Lord’s school of wisdom.

That’s how I see it. What do you think?

Eyes on Jesus and SHINE,