Hi friends,

I want to pause a moment on this Saturday, May 26th, of Memorial Day weekend to:

  • be grateful
  • be helpful
  • be encouraging

thank you flags

Grateful ~ Thank you, son, father, father-in-law, grandfather, uncles, cousins, and friends who have graciously and tenaciously served our country through the various branches of our armed forces.  You have my appreciation.  And all the more I want to thank all of you who have sacrificed more than anyone is aware by your support of those who serve.  Thank you for your willingness to have them less of the time so they are on duty to protect our country more of the time.  I ask the Lord Jesus believing He will direct an abundant outpouring of grace, peace, comfort, love, and JOY upon you for all you have sacrificially given!Saturday Share whats your story

Helpful ~ Websites and blog sites can be confusing, can’t they?  Have you ever changed your email address and found yourself continually reminding and redirecting friends and family to use your new email address?  Have you ever had the pleasure of changing your phone number?  Yikes!  It takes time, but most of all effort and repetition to make a successful move.

So now that so many of you look for my blog posts here, I’ve moved.  My blogs – Ponders and Saturday Share, book and photos meant to encourage you to turn your eyes to Jesus are all now located at this address:

I hope you will add or move your subscription to the above website address, and I hope you might do it soon.  =)

Encouraging ~ I want to tell you that you matter.  Yes, YOU!  You matter to God because He chose to design you specifically and uniquely original.  You are His idea, and that makes you pretty special.

Your journey through this life matters.  God created you with work to do, an assignment He designed just with you in mind.  So, I know the little stuff, the menial tasks, and all the seemingly unimportant stuff you do and feel no one appreciates, God notices.  (Moms out there… caregivers amongst us… are you reading this?)  Yes, God notices and your fulfillment of the tasks He’s given you for this place in life matters to Him for eternity.  There’s a jewel awaiting your crown!

1 thess 5.14 tpt

You will make it to the finish line.  It’s not time yet.  None of us knows how many more miles we have yet to run our journey home.  Maybe like me, you are currently wishing for a different scenery.  Perhaps you are tired of running through the desert.  All the browns and flat surfaces with prickly cacti, sometimes it just seems too much.  Don’t worry, this place is just a part of your journey and not the whole of your journey.  Even if you end up running through the desert all the way into Jesus’ arms, He’s worth it!

Thank you for subscribing here at Eyes on Jesus and Shine on WordPress.  Thank you for adding encouragement and value by your participation here.  I appreciate you and sharing my faith journey with you more than you know.

So, now how about making the move with me.  Click here and when you get to Eyes on Jesus and Shine at go ahead and click your way into the site.  To subscribe simply click the Subscribe button and complete the form.  That way we’ll be able to stay in touch and continue to encourage one another on our journey home.

Eyes on Jesus… you’re shining!


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  1. I’ve been trying to find your subscribe button since you moved lol…now I finally did. 😊 Now I can keep up again with your new posts 😊. Loved what you shared for the “pause” prompt.

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