FMF: Self, where is your comfort?

fmf logoThis post today is written in participation with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community.  Our word prompt for this week’s free-write challenge is {comfort}.

The word prompt is revealed on Thursday evening at 10 PM.  I’ve been thinking about the word comfort every since and asking Holy Spirit for revelation.

More than a hundred word pictures have flashed through my mind in the last 15 hours.  Ready or not…I’m setting my timer for five minutes, asking for inspiration, and letting my fingers fly.


Comfort – I started with this picture of my Dad…

dad with shaved head

and then here – 2 Corinthians 1:3 the God of all comfort.  I wonder how many of us here the word comfort and go right to this place in God’s word.  Comfort is a part of His character and in this passage just past verse 3 we find that God comforts us in our suffering so that we in turn will comfort others with the same compassion we have received from our Father.

I am comforted even as I read it again.  My first thoughts were of physical comforts, but they are all temporary.  And then I thought of this picture of my dad, which he sent me this week in a text.  My dad is 75 and he does not usually take selfies.  Nor does my dad usually shave all of his jet black hair off his head.  Unusual!

Upon further investigation, my dad shaved his head bald in support of his younger brother who has lung cancer and through chemo treatments has lost his hair.  My dad did this as a sign of support across many miles to comfort his brother who is most definitely suffering.

My dad’s gesture makes me think about all my friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors and fellow Christ followers who are also suffering.  What can I do to offer some comfort?  Most of what I have to offer is temporary…except for Christ, Son of the One True Living God.

God’s comfort is eternal.  He never leaves us alone.  And by His Spirit living in His children, He provides arms, hands, feet, hearts, and creative ideas for offering comfort in the same way of compassion we have ourselves received His Fatherly comfort.

stop. five minutes ended.

self in bootsNo edits. No spelling or grammar corrections.  Freely written in five minutes and posted as is…  \0/  A victory for the recovering perfectionist.



11 thoughts on “FMF: Self, where is your comfort?

  1. Warms my heart. Oh Jesus You are good. Thank You for pouring out on Lisa and healing relationships and blessing family.

    ..\O/…with joy and peace in believing.

    Ruth 440 Saint Marks Dr. SW Lilburn, GA 30047 770.309.8123 – cell


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    1. Andrew, thank you for stopping in to read about comfort from my perspective. Thank you too for your words of encouragement to persevere in standing with those who suffer. I am so sorry to learn you have cancer. I hate this terrible thief as you most assuredly do. However, I am grateful you spoke up. I am now praying for you with all I have to offer and He is more than enough, Jesus Christ of Nazareth! I bless you with comfort indescribable and a feast of Joy with Jesus at His banquet table, Andrew!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love what your dad did in support of his brother . Don cut his hair really short years ago when his youngest son Matthew was upset about getting his hair cut really short. Matthew was forced to because of head lice outbreak at school. Don ended up liking the connivence of very short hair. Isn’t that the way God works- turning something hard into something good. Truly I have experienced God’s comfort in my life through hard times. He covers me with His feathers. He gives beauty for ashes. Thanks for reminding us that God truly is the God of all comfort and He comforts us so that we may comfort others.

    1. I love you Carol!! Thank YOU for the reminder of Psalm 91! Your example of finding comfort, shelter and peace under His feathers has impacted me in ways we’ll both understand only in eternity. I love you!!

  3. This picture of your dad makes me smile.

    God comforts us that we might extend comfort to others. What a unique privilege. What an honor. May our eyes be opened to the opportunities and our hearts be softened to those around us.

    1. Marie! Thanks… My dad makes me smile too. My mom makes me smile, and amazes me at the multitudes of ways she thinks of to bless suffering souls. People who have been and are being cared for by Patricia are all shouting, “Amen!”
      Mom just doesn’t like to have her picture taken!

  4. Thank you, Leah! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my post on Comfort. I think my dad is pretty beautiful! =) I bless you with a feast of JOY on your journey with Jesus!

  5. what a beautiful portrait of your Dad – how awesome that he’s supporting his brother! thanks for visiting my blog; I’m happy to get to know your beautiful site, your love-filled writing. Peace and hope and Jesus to all!

  6. Hi, Jeannie! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my 5 minute post on comfort. It took me a long time this week to get still. I’m jumping right over to read your post. I bless you friend with a feast of JOY on your journey with Jesus!!

  7. Lisa, I just love your post and the picture of your dad. What a wonderful gesture, to show solidarity with his suffering brother. I hope and pray your uncle’s treatments are successful. Thanks for sharing this beautiful example. It just shows that even something small can be a powerful message of comfort and love.

    Jeannie (I’m at #60, next door to you in the linkup this week)

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